11 Ways to Bother Someone

11 Ways to Bother Someone“I don’t want to intrude, interrupt or bother a prospect!”
“I don’t want to be a pest!”
I hear this frequently from clients who are wanting to grow sales and increase revenues.

Feeling that you have been interrupted, pestered or bothered is an end result of not being given a reason to see VALUE.

I don’t know how you can put a strong marketing message, strategy and/or tactic in place if you are not willing to raise your hand so people know you exist and can help. You must be willing to intrude, interrupt and bother them.

A man, much wiser than I, once defined SALESMANSHIP (persuasion) as “Changing the way a person thinks, feels and acts about your product, service, company and yourself”. It allows the response to a good presentation to be “I didn’t know that!” (A change of perception). Thinks (recognizes, analyzes). Feels (how we buy). ACTS (given a value they want and a call to action).
If you feel your product or service adds value, then you need to “interrupt” someone from their current state of mind. They need to know about the VALUE you, your product or service provides to them.

People see on average 3500 marketing messages daily. If you think this is high, watch the number of sponsored ads that pop up when you do a google search or consider the number of ads you see as you follow your favorite blog or digital news magazine/mobile app. Now add the number of commercials you hear as you listen to the radio and add to that the number of commercial you see watching TV. We could add to this bill boards, store signs, cold calls received, post cards and direct mail pieces that are delivered into your mail box. We have not discussed the ads that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms share with us because they think we are interested. Are they intruding? Sometimes. But that’s ok.

I recently read an eBook (Kindle) and half way through the book was a full page ad!
Interrupt them.

Engage them. Educate them. Then, provide a call to action. Remember, they are in control and they choose what message they read or hear. Make it worth it for them.

We need to bother others, interrupt other and share our value. Isn’t that the purpose of blogging? That’s what marketing is all about; interrupting their current thoughts. Isn’t sales prospecting the same thing? You need to be professional, persistent, focused and determined to let others know your value.
I recently crafted a marketing plan for a commercial insurance client that touches the prospect 24 times in a 90-day period: eBook, direct mail, and email. All are professional, high value pieces, each with a specific call to action. These touch points do not include the telephone follow up planned.

Why so many touch points? When you understand the buyer’s journey it was determined that it takes between 12-19 touches to get their attention and have them understand what you do before they buy. If they do nothing but download the eBook, they can use the information to save potentially thousands of dollars on their commercial insurance investment. What we found is that no one “is thrilled to need to buy” commercial insurance because they think it is expensive and they don’t understand it.

Our whole campaign is designed to educate them about what they need to know to make a great business decision and avoid risk associated with a bad decision. With this approach the prospect benefits because they are making an informed decision and my customer benefits because we automated the marketing. We are allowing the sales force to sell more and do less prospecting.
So how do you feel good about “intruding” on someone? Here are 11 tips to help:

1. Understand that you have value and it is incumbent upon you to let people understand what that value is. (What it does FOR the prospect)
2. Know that people are busy and it takes many touches to get their attention.
3. Give them opportunities to opt-out.
4. Educate them. It is impossible for them to be an expert in all things. Give them value. Remember you want someone to think: “I didn’t know that”.
5. Find the 50% of the people who love you and ignore the rest.
6. When people say no, they are really saying “not now”. Find out why.
7. Track what works and keep doing it.
8. Do not take rejection personally.
9. Ask permission where appropriate. Every time I make a cold call the first question I ask is, “Is this a good time to talk for a few minutes?” If not, I ask them for a good time to call and I schedule it as an appointment.
10. Know that marketing and sales is disruptive by nature. You are intending to change their thoughts about you, your product or service so they will see value and speak with you. Getting the prospect to ask a question is a sure way of overcoming the barrier to entry to their mind.
11. Lastly, because you do not like to be marketed to in a certain way does not mean your prospect is opposed to that approach. Don’t let your personal preferences determine how to best market your company, product or service. I prefer reading. Many people prefer video. I would be foolish not to use video.

Don’t let your beliefs stand in your way. To do marketing right is hard work. It is understanding people, how they want to be reached, creating a message that appeals to them and following up in a professional, persistent manner with the right delivery system.

Many people struggle with marketing because they have not been trained, don’t know what works, and are afraid of throwing money down the drain.

All those concerns are valid. If you don’t know marketing or have not been trained in sales, get some help. I do not know of any successful people who do not have advisors, mentors or coaches to help them. Why should you be any different?

Be Great!

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  • Jonathan Ahn July 27, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    I loved the quote recited by the wise man. A change of perception means you have done your job as a salesman. Great post!