10 months after my network marketing reintroduction, I replaced my full-time income, and in another 10 months turned my monthly income into my weekly income. I'm a top earner, industry coach, and teach others how to do it online and off. I'm an "overnight success", except it took 20 years of sales and marketing training, and 7 years of network marketing training.

Better health, better wealth - welcome to the Health and Wealth Builders Club. Co-founded by financial planner, Bill Constain and myself, we had our first event on July 28th in Manhattan to a standing-room-only crowd! One presented, Jeff Stolper, spelled it out clearly - Financial Freedom = Health + Wealth + Lifestyle. All three take you to a whole new level.

Interviewing Craig and Giovanna Garcia. Giovanna Garcia, from www.ImperfectAction.com, has a background that is rich in experience. Craig Garcia, from www.CraigGarcia.tv, is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and author in Corporate America, Direct Sales, and the Network Marketing industries. The Garcia's are great friends of mine and they are wonderful entrepreneurs, having succeeded both online and offline. It has been fun serving on the board of the Team Thrive Network with the both of them, and we are currently planning on future projects together.

Drew Berman introduces a mentor, Patricia Moreno from http://www.intesati.com, discussing empowerment. She enlightens us what empowerment is, how to achieve it, and how it integrates with our health and well-being. It is about deliberate choices and confidence in them.