When people talk, do you hear or listen? There's a big difference, you know?! How often have you responded to the question, "How are you?" only to discover that the other person - the person that asked you the question - isn't even paying attention anymore? If you're like most people, you probably felt slighted and maybe a little hurt, perhaps even aggravated. People want to be heard - and listened to.

I'm a convert - from corporate America to Network Marketing. In corporate America, you can't just take out the Crayolas and start creating. It's not your company! What if Network Marketing was your canvas to creating that "life" again - that life we had as kids in art class?! You might not know where to start and that's ok. There are a lot of people who can help. They benefit along with you upon your success. Just start and be open to coaching and learning. I read or someone once taught me that instead of "Ready, Aim, Fire!" we should "Ready, Fire!, Aim". Are you Ready???

When it comes to marketing your MLM blog (your team's blog, etc - whichever you're promoting), what can you do? First and foremost, you'll need blog material. Next, use Facebook, retweet, and deep links. Read on for details!

Business networking is when a group of like-minded business people gather to meet and help each other. Networking is not about how many business cards you give out or how many people you talk to in one night. Networking provides an opportunity for you to build relationships with other business people in your community and that is never a bad thing.

It's easy to think that the more you say about how great your business is, the better your conversion rate will be. My mind kept whispering, "tell 'em more and they'll buy!" Instead of getting more sales and great customers, I was getting tired, hoarse and discouraged. Can you relate? A very successful coach and entrepreneur then told me to do two things: stop talking so much and buy an egg timer and time my conversations. He wasn't kidding!

Money Matters! Money Matters! Money Matters! And one more thing - Money Matters! It matters the most! Sure, health and love are up there but money enables both. The Corporate America model prevents making real money. In MLM, when you win, everyone wins.

I’ll let you in on a secret. Network Marketing is not a scheme. It’s not an industry. It’s not a business. It’s a powerful mirror. So many people misunderstand MLM and so many fail at it because they don’t allow themselves to look directly into the mirror.

It's really funny to me how most of the non MLM world looks at real people as if they were the paid actors yet will watch a corporate companies' commercial with highly paid actors as if was real.

By now, as an entrepreneur, business owner, or business associate, you realize that your potential clients or associates have already been programmed to believe that opportunities that sound too good to be true usually are. The secret, then, is to present an opportunity that has unlimited potential in extremely realistic terms. It is “the secret” because so few people do it this way. If you do not do this, you will lose opportunities - money - everywhere!