To be successful at anything we must have a really great reason for doing it. To be successful we need vision, passion, motivation, focus and persistence. Without these key elements we will not find success in what we put our minds to, or very limited success at a best. We need to find our "why".

"The Abundance Book" is a phenomenal introduction to a new way of being that can be utilized by anyone regardless of his or her prior knowledge or experience. Mr. Price lays the groundwork by giving an explanation of the principle of All-Sufficiency and then puts that theory into action with the 40 Day Prosperity Plan.

I originally was focusing on the newbie networker with this MLM training video - hoping to provide some guidance for intelligently selecting an MLM opportunity. As it turns out, this could be for anyone searching for a new MLM opportunity. This video will give you a quick list of 5 key ingredients you should focus on when choosing from the vast expanse of MLM companies!

I have been an entrepreneur for over 15 years but this last has me investigating ways to supplement (or replace) my income. I tried one company but it was missing a major piece to the puzzle - training and leadership. Now, in a different company, under the tutelage of Drew Berman, the sky is the limit!

You will never win anyone’s trust and admiration if you talk your head off. Are you trying to convince them of something or are you just telling them your story? That is what it is truly all about. If you are ‘selling’ then you are not in the right business. Selling turns people off. However, if you are telling them your story, really telling them what your passion is about ‘why’ that you are in the business, your passion about the vision and the company, then that is what they are going to feel. Your passion. Still, the story has to be short.

What do Oprah, Fergie, and Drew Berman have in common? Team work! That is the key. Working with other humans. In unison. As one. Most people in network marketing try to do their own thing. They take the Lone Ranger approach. Like the first woman in this video, The Black Eyed Peas kick off the opening of the 24th season of the Oprah Winfrey in Chicago. As you see in the video, it takes more than just one to dance!