Day in, day out; week in, week out, year in, year out... And so it goes with people in business. Some succeed. Some do not. Statistically, 95% of businesses fail in the first 10 years! Can you believe that? It almost makes you not want to even try....ALMOST! I've been doing this for a while now and I'm definitely successful at it. I've helped many others succeed in business as well. Surely, there are scores of skills required to make the business world go 'round but, based on my experience, I have 3 top "must-have" skills that are necessary to truly succeed in business.

It is natural to feel blue - having a low emotional vibration - from time to time. There are a number of reasons for this and this is not to minimize those feelings. It's easy to get lost in the emotional vibrations that exist around us and be easily consumed by it. Understand, however, that you can control how you are feeling and you can change that feeling of emptiness by, first, being aware of your emotional state and, second, changing it.

In my last post I quoted Donald Trump. Many people don't like Donald Trump. Many people will blurt out cursory statements like, "Take advice from Donald Trump? He's broke" Ummmm, broke people don't get from point A to point B via a black helicopter with a TRUMP logo on the side of it!!! Case closed! That leads to the other 50% of the people who happen to respect what the man has been able to do - a few times - make money! This all leads to another BLURT/QUESTION/STATEMENT from many people who are uneducated in the field of network marketing...

I took that quiz I mentioned in my last post and was relieved to find that I was in one of the quadrants! I also realized I'd spent a lot of time dreaming of being in another. The real relief and joy came from knowing that I was on the exact path I needed to be on to get to that dream life! While I had spent the majority of my adult working life as an employee, I desired to be an owner of my own big business. For most of my life, getting my own big business was only a dream because I didn't have the time, money or resources to make it a reality. I was destined to be an employee forever. WRONG!!!

Reading always raises questions for me: why didn't school ever teach me stuff like Rich Dad's CASHFLOW Quadrant? If you don't already know what the CASHFLOW Quadrant is, then we need to talk. I'm not saying we need to talk if you need a career change. I'm not saying we need to talk if you're already in Network Marketing and you're looking into improving your business. What I am saying is that if you are a living, breathing, working human who does ANYTHING for time and money AND you've never heard of the CASHFLOW Quadrant or know what it means - then we need to talk!!!

You see, network marketing can give someone a good life and can help people have a great life. As you know, I moved my family from Manhattan to Ridgefield, Connecticut; with a 4 1/2 year old and a 9-month-pregnant wife. How would I have done it with a regular 9-to-5 office job (or more commonly, an 8-to-6)? In moving and unpacking hundreds of boxes, I've also been able to have some fun too. I'm all about lifestyle. Yes, our products are amazing and, yes, the money is great. But what about the lifestyle???

Temper Tantrums At Any Age!? What's the best way to break a friend's career temper tantrum, especially now that there aren't any old-school options out there for them anymore? You know the type. They are right at that struggling age: too young to retire, too old for a cut/dry career change. What could you possibly suggest as a suitable career option?

Here is an amazing woman - mom, wife, friend, real estate professional and flies the friendly skies. And guess what - she is also a network marketer. Read between the lines on this one everybody. The woman will be financially free in 2010. This is very powerful and inspiring.

Tammy Gruber, mompreneur, reviews Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki. Not only should you read and re-read it a few times, it is your obligation as a parent, friend, sibling, etc... to share it with everyone you love. As a parent, if you do not share this book with your children you may be setting them up for financial failure!!! Kiyosaki says that a job is really a short-term solution to a long-term problem. He also says that "laziness by staying busy" helps the poor and middle class acquire liabilities, rather than assets. When opportunity knocks, open the door!