These three simple words are core to success in any MLM home business. Working at home can be a challenge - the kids are running around, the dog needs to go out, and the cat needs to be fed. Yeah, there's a whole lot more too. Sure, you're being pulled every which way. But you have to be responsible for your business or you'll never make it. It seems trite but these three simple words sum it up. Enjoy the video!

Jim Rohn was one of the greatest trainers in the network marketing industry, helping many achieve lifestyle and success. He was a true master. In his book "Excerpts from the Treasury of Quotes," many positive quotes that embodied my life experience with attitude resonated with me. Read on to understand how one in particular tied back to my first foray in MLM so many years ago.

A very uncomplicated definition of the Law Of Attraction is manifesting abundance into your life based on whatever you think about regularly. Your consistent and dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest into the physical world as we know and perceive it. The challenge is manifesting an abundance of constructive and positive things. Here's how to do that.

As an MLM home business entrepreneur, have you ever been asked, "What do you do?" What was your response? "I'm in the network marketing industry," "I'm a nutrition counselor," "I'm a travel agent," "I have an MLM home business," "I teach people how to get wealthy"? What is it? Read this article to learn how aligning with the right team can help you answer that question.

I sat with big-league network marketer, Bill Constain for some quick MLM training at a network marketing industry event this weekend. Bill creates an analogy regarding attraction marketing. Do you attract folks to you that you want to do business with, the principle of attraction marketing, or, conversely, do you attract people who either you would rather not do business with, who would not be good in your business, or who is not interested in your business? Watch this video to see if you can relate.