Here is a wonderful message, as part of my millionaire mindset series, from one of my favorite self made millionaires, Jimmy "The Butcher" Smith. Here, in the back of a 2009 Rolls Royce Phantom, I took a moment to briefly interview Jimmy. Check out a self made millionaires message about how to make it big in network marketing.

We've all heard it before - "Get rich quick!" "Earn money fast!" It's cliche. Of course, as enticing as those phrases are, coupled with imagery of becoming an automatic millionaire, laying in a hammock amidst palm trees while listening to the soft slap of ocean waves, the promise typically fails to deliver. What if you could "get rich slowly" or, better yet, create your own money-making machine? Read on to find out how.

When I find something that works, I want to share it with you ASAP! Here's another MLM Review with a twist. The Isagenix Cleanse! Isagenix is a young company but growing very fast. There's a good reason for this growth - it compromises nothing, anywhere. They continue to evolve as the network marketing industry changes, staying ahead of the pack, and aiming to redefine network marketing. How good is Isagenix? Read on to find out.

If you're in the Network Marketing Industry, the first and foremost of many networking tips here is for you to realize that you are in the relationship business. You don't need to learn to sell. You need to learn to build relationships. Period. Relationships are the foundation of the network marketing industry. Networking is the foundation of relationship building. Read on for additional networking tips!

Just an ordinary guy, Brian Fanale changed the course of his life forever in March 2005 with one decision. Planning to pursue a career in medicine after college, he said "no" to being a doctor after looking at the financial and personal costs. He closed that door to his life forever. Read about how he turned his life around!

A while back Drew Berman called me, very excited, and said that he had had a great conversation with one of the internet marketing geniuses, Cedrick Harris. After a brief discussion as an introduction, Drew called in a few others on our team and then dialed in none other than Cedrick Harris for him to talk with us directly. Wow! What a high energy call. Read all about it and see the SPECIAL OFFER at the end!

When creating your own social marketing strategies, whether you are looking for some new fun online or looking to build business awareness, there are specific things to do and things to specifically avoid. Perhaps these are obvious; perhaps not. Everyone is different and we all have our own agenda. Mike O'Neal and I discuss the top two things you MUST keep in mind when compiling your social marketing strategies in this video.