I (Seth) was a slug (basically) who did get out and do some activities that get the heart pumping on occasion, but I realize that I am not the athlete that I see so many others being. I sit at a computer almost all day for every work day, typing away. Not really a workout plan, wouldn’t you agree? Things changed for me. Here's how.

Robert T Kiyosaki, best known for his bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, deeply believes in the power of the "human spirit". In today’s times with high foreclosure rates and dwindling savings accounts, the recent economic downturn has caused many people's spirits to become broken. As the news continues to predict what will happen next with the global economy, how does Kiyosaki continue to spend his time? Read on to find out!

Randy Gage, success coach, author, world-wide presenter, and motivational speaker, is a one of the most recognized network marketing masters. But, great fortune didn’t come easy for this troubled high school dropout. Why did he persevere? What is his focus? How is he successful? Read on.

We talk about millionaire secrets and the millionaire mindset here and there is a very specific reason for this: your mindset is likely the single most important thing keeping you from being where you want to be. Are you living your dream life? If not, this is for you! If so, dream bigger! Strive for more and read on!

You may think that "Organizational Theories: The Code of Honor" would be an odd title for a post on this blog. Well, believe it or not, though this blog focuses very little on corporate life, and much more so on entrepreneurial ventures, parallels can be made between the largest and smallest organizations, especially with regards to the code of honor. This post will elaborate on these organizational theories, as depicted in Blair Singer's book, "Rich Dad's Advisors®: The ABC's of Building a Business Team That Wins: The Invisible Code of Honor That Takes Ordinary People and Turns Them Into a Championship Team".

One of Don Failla's 45 Second Presentation openers is "Do you know anyone who likes to travel and go on vacation?" He teaches how to build from this mindset rather than selling products and comp plans. In this MLM review, I'll continue to describe to you the teachings of Don Failla in his 45 Second Presentation. (Be sure to check out Part 1 as well.)