We were fortunately enough to have Bill Mayer, the life coach and author of “The Magic in Asking the Right Questions”, on a recent Monday night Millionaires In Action team call. What he said about becoming successful simply by asking questions really resounded with me. Here's what he had to say...

Holiday season stress is what so many people start feeling about this time of year. The pressure can get ridiculous, but it is self-imposed most of the time. What are the true contributors? How can we address Holiday Season Stress? Give this blog post a look. It may indeed be relaxing!

Doug Southworth, my teammate, recently joined my team and was inspired by Jordan Adler's book, Beach Money: After reading Beach Money by Jordan Adler for the first time, I felt truly inspired - all over again - by Network Marketing. You see, through Beach Money, Jordan Adler offers advice about Network Marketing, especially directed toward the newbie. Adler walks the reader through his early years in network marketing. Initially, he had very little and proceeded through the painful process of learning how to achieve MLM success. That journey included working with over ten different network marketing companies, realizing failure after failure. It wasn't until he joined his twelfth network marketing company that things changed...for the better.

Though it's wise to be thankful all year long, it is the time of year when we take some extra time to appreciate all that we have, reflect on how fortunate we are, and enjoy and surround ourselves with friends and family. Please allow me to share some words via video...

In his book, Delivering Happiness - A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, Tony Hsieh (pronounced Shay) takes us through his journey from childhood, through Harvard, to his days in the California rave scene, to, as CEO of billion dollar enterprise Zappos, creating the Zappos culture. Here, I connect the Zappos culture to that which I am cultivating in my team.

You may have food allergies and not even know it! Food allergy awareness is surprising sparse. That’s because the typical symptoms that people identify as related to allergies - watery, itchy eyes, sinus congestion, or a rash - are just the tip of the iceberg. Because there are many more effects that are not as commonly recognized as related to allergies, many people don’t get the help that they need.

Literally. In this case, death. And life. It all seems to blend together doesn't it? Today we celebrate the life of my wife's mother, my mother-in-law, Rita Londoner who passed early this morning. She was born 8-17-1930 and passed 10-19-2011. And what a life she had.