We have spent our time over the last few sessions discovering the difference between the psychology of sales and the psychology of the buying process. We have learned from the teachings of Don Spini about our role in the Exploration, Validation and Conflict Resolution stages that he describes so well in his book "Sixty Seconds to Yes". Yet what is great about Don Spini and his training is that he gives you the tools that you need to develop the skill set required to master these techniques. The name of this sales game is "staying in the game". That last thing that anyone wants to hear is maybe. This next technique will help you to turn Maybe into Yes, or sometimes No, but only when it is the real answer and not a dodge.

In our last segment we met Don Spini, author of "Sixty Seconds to Yes", presenter and all around expert on the psychology of sales and the process that we all go through when buying something. Don Spini, an observant man, breaks down the psychology of sales and the buying process into these three stages: 1) Exploration; 2) Validation; and 3) Conflict Resolution. In this segment we will cover the first stage, Exploration.

After a hectic and overbooked week, I hopped in my car with the one and only Drew Berman and took off to Framingham, MA to meet Don Spini and learn about the sales influence and the psychology of sales. Don is the author of "Sixty Seconds to Yes", a book that describes the psychology of sales by focusing on the buyer, and makes some amazing observations about the sales process and sales influence. This is Part 1 of a 5-part series describing what we learned during this amazing journey!

Do you have sales influence? Sales is a game, an art, and a science. Are some people born with it? Perhaps. But it is a skill. Any skill can be learned. Any learned skill can be mastered. Or unlearned. Or relearned. You could learn sales influence following Don Spini's <em>Sixty Seconds to Yes</em>. He is a master of influence. He teaches how to sell before the selling process has begun. Spini's take is that the sales process actually ends before the salesman begins to speak. This is counter-intuitive as sales people generally think the opposite. Wow! Here's more...

If you ask extremely successful salespeople, "What makes you different from the average "Joe" or "Jane" sales rep?" you likely will get an off-the-cuff, and probably inaccurate answer, if any. In fact, successful salespeople might not even know the real answer to this question because most successful salespeople are simply doing what comes naturally. Here are the key personality attributes of successful salespeople and the impact of the trait on their selling style.

I was talking with a leader in my team last night about a scheduled call we have this evening. We plan to talk with a man who is asking how to make six figures in network marketing. I am excited about the call tonight, but with a different excitement level then I used to have. I used to want to drop everything, salivate, and attack this call like a golden retriever, or better yet like a lab, who is seeing his owner for the first time when coming home from work. But I've had hundreds of calls like these over the years and it often turned into more bark than bite, if you know what I mean. So this morning, we were having a chat about today's blog. And she suggested commitment. Then three things hit me at once - her suggestion about the definition of commitment, my humbling experience at the gym this morning, and tonight's call. Here's what happened; how it all came together...

Happy Fourth of July! Today is a celebratory day. One of the great American Holidays. The second official start of summer after Memorial Day. A day surrounded by friends and family, burgers and beers, and of course fireworks. Although it is a big party for most, it is certainly a significant historical holiday, one that honors our country&amp;amp;#039;s independence. Do you have veterans in your life? Friends or family members that are protecting freedom around the globe? Fathers or grandfathers who served in past wars? Sisters or girlfriends who are abroad, in danger, fighting for freedom? Freedom isn&amp;amp;#039;t free. Thanks to all that serve and who have served. Now, what about your FINANCIAL independence?