Have you ever sat down to the computer only to find yourself with no blog post ideas? You're drawing a complete blank! You become easily distracted! The time spins by! You anxiety shoots through the roof! Deadlines approach! YIKES!!! Well, even if it's not all that bad, sometimes it is difficult to come up with blog post ideas as frequently as we'd like. There are a number of reasons for this this, ranging from a lack of experience or exposure in the niche covered by your blog to spending too much time staring at a computer screen. Nonetheless, with some simple guidance, you'll be surprised at how much content you have available to you.

There is so much written about what is great with being part of a multilevel marketing (MLM) company, and why we should all be in the MLM business, that I have decided to take a different approach. In fact, this is probably much more true to what the non-MLM person is thinking, and what the MLM associate addresses on an regular basis. There are a lot of reasons not to take that first step and here we are going to review the top five reasons not to join an MLM company.

Are you in an MLM company? Since you are reading this posting I certainly hope that you are. Either way, if you are building a business or just checking it all out, then read on to find out what the power of MLM events can do for your future and your business.

I was fortunate enough to get Craig Duswalt to join me in an interview recently and, let me tell you, you're not going to believe how amazing this guy is! I am introduced by Seth Lefferts, the call gets under way about 4 1/2 minutes into the recording (fast-forward if you like). You are absolutely going to love this guy's energy, knowledge, rock 'n roll stories, and so on! Do you want to reach RockStar status in your industry? Don't wait - listen to this call right here, right now. Craig and I share a bunch of marketing tips that you can use today! Then continue reading, if you really want to be "in the know"!

One of the first things that we tell everyone who comes to the team here at DrewBerman.com and YouOnlineYouOffline.com looking for ways to get their online presence bigger and more attractive (in the magnetic sense) is that they need to have a blog. Yet we are not advocating blogging as an online diary chronicling each and every event in one’s life. We are talking about learning how to blog for business, which is fundamentally very different. Let me explain...

We are becoming more and more aware of problems in the eating habits of our country that are tantamount to epidemic in nature. The subjects are junk foods and foods devoid of nutrition. While most of us are subject to putting foods in our bodies that would qualify as junk food – potato chips, corn chips, soda, ice-cream, processed sugars, bleached wheat, fast foods, msg, nitrates and nitrites, seltzer water, and many more – many of us are looking for ways to improve our health, reduce our fat and lower our weight, lower our cholesterol, triglycerides, and the many things that our doctors are telling us that we need to do. Can we find what we are looking for in organic foods and vegetarian diets, or simply "good eating"?

We have spent our time over the last few sessions discovering the difference between the psychology of sales and the psychology of the buying process. We have learned from the teachings of Don Spini about our role in the Exploration, Validation and Conflict Resolution stages that he describes so well in his book "Sixty Seconds to Yes". Yet what is great about Don Spini and his training is that he gives you the tools that you need to develop the skill set required to master these techniques. The name of this sales game is "staying in the game". That last thing that anyone wants to hear is maybe. This next technique will help you to turn Maybe into Yes, or sometimes No, but only when it is the real answer and not a dodge.