Here are the top 10 reasons to join an MLM or Network Marketing company. Face it, folks, the Network Marketing industry is here to stay and, in fact, it's destined to grow by leaps and bounds as baby-boomers, 20-something's, and everyone in between get more and more frustrated at a number of things that have simply gone wrong with the traditional workplace.

It seems that Isagenix International's advancements in anti aging systems seem like something from the realm of Science Fiction. At the same time, all things that have been hitting the high-tech world we live in seemed like sci-fi just a few years earlier. We are aging fast! That is the exact subject that we are addressing here – anti aging systems formulated through the study and application of the telomere and telomerase.

I just attended Author101 University in NYC. What a fabulous event! To be able to rub elbows with the Who's Who of Marketing and Publishing was a total gem, a real treat. But who brought down the house? My friend Craig Duswalt! Craig Duswalt is the creater of the RockStar System for Success, teaching how to market like a RockStar and the importance of branding yourself. Here's a little about Craig and what he's learned from a career of rock-n-roll!

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the 1958 book "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. It is truly a classic and it is experiencing a sudden surge in popularity. While the depth of the story can weigh you down while reading it, it is sure to evoke some kind of emotion within you, and that is the mark of a classic. Whether the emotion is anger, sadness or happiness will depend entirely upon your outlook on life and government, and I have heard every one of these reactions from the people that I talk to about this book. But what does this have to do with network marketing?

Time and again, I get the question, "Is it really all that easy to earn money fast online?" From my personal perspective, the answer is an astounding "YES!" However, that does not go without qualification, clauses, footnotes, and so on. The term "easy" is subjective. Easy for me may not necessarily be easy for you... To try to get a better idea as to what others are saying with regards to how to earn money fast, I went to, one of, if not the most popular article in the inter-universe! I did a search and the first article that came up was this:

In Part 1 of our series on Salesperson Types for Network Marketing we discovered that there are seven salesperson types that take part in the complex sales process happening between large companies. As the size of the business gets smaller, the sales process gets less and less complicated, which is a wonderful thing when it comes to the business of Network Marketing. This is because, by the very definition of Network Marketing, when we are actively involved in this business we are simply referring people on a one-on-one basis to take a look at our product or service. What can be more simple than that? Working one-on-one with our local and extended network of contacts. Given the simplicity, why is it not easy?

In “Hope Is Not A Strategy”, by Rick Page, he discusses the different salesperson types that are required in today’s business world to handle a complex sale. It used to be pretty simple - a salesperson meets with a potential buyer and they would discuss the product or service, the delivery time and the price. If everything looked right, then an order was placed and all was great. However, in today’s world where you can pretty much find anything on the Internet at a great price, there is a lot of competition for the business. In the corporate culture there is a lot of politics that tend to get in the way of efficiency. Many times there is a good intention to buy a product or service that could increase the efficiency of the business and potentially boost profits while reducing expenses. In today’s complex sale, with the process of purchasing spread out over the different levels of the business, the seller now needs different salesperson types to address the sale at both low and high levels within the buying organization. Network marketing, while more simple than the complex sale, still has a bit of a twist to it!

Perhaps you're already aware that there is a connection between thyroid and weight gain. Did you also know that it has been estimated that thousands of people in our country suffer from the signs and symptoms of an under-active thyroid, who have not been diagnosed by their doctors. If you may be one of them, the obvious question you may have is, why has your doctor not diagnosed your condition? The answer may lie in the...