That’s right, I said one helluva ride. Why? Because Multi-Level Marketing has its ups and downs and there are times when its ups are really up and there are times when its downs are really down. Not fun to be on this roller coaster ride at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are three things that I have done in my career that have helped to level out the ups and downs along the way.

As you have read, Millionaire Secrets aren’t really that secret, they are just not readily taught to the general public for whatever reason. Maybe it is that the general public does not care to know how to become Millionaires or maybe it is that the general public is not ready for such information. Well, here's the next installment of Millionaire Secrets. Are YOU ready?

I have often heard it said, “I can’t make that type of money,” or, “Some people have all the luck when it comes to money.” Those statements are patently false. If you believe it, it’s true, but that is only the perception of the truth. The reality of the truth is that anyone, and I mean anyone can become a millionaire and millionaire secrets are really not that secret.

Let’s face it, Network Marketing is a successful business model. If it wasn't, millionaires would not exist in this industry, and yet, they do. However, there is a lot of trial and error that occurs during the learning phase, typically the first 90 days of one’s career in an MLM. There are several mistakes that can be avoided and save a new MLM recruit a ton of headaches by avoiding these five MLM Mistakes!

Two things that happened today that just left me shaking my head. One, I was on a sales call and the partner with me on the call was nervous, very nervous. As a result, he would not stop talking. Second, I was approached by a salesman selling me waterless car wash in a can and when I asked him to close me on the sale, he made a few smart remarks and didn’t ask for the business again. Here's my take on these...

A wonderful day was spent at the 7th Annual NY XPO for Business, a day of networking and collecting contact information from perspective partners and clients. You met some wonderful people; you talked endlessly about what you both do. You made new friends who are open to what you might have to offer. What do you do now?

It is no secret that thoughts are things. Look around you, everything that you touch, own, see was a thought at one time or another. That thought took shape and the person with that thought acted upon it and that thought became a reality. The automobile, the jet engine, the Twinkie, the pencil, shoes, socks, your wallet, money, paper, running water, the light bulb, television, radio, need I go on? What makes a millionaire's thoughts so much different?