2020 Hindsight or 2020 Foresight

2020 Hindsight or 2020 ForesightThe year 2020 is right around the corner. In 2020 how old will you be? What will your relationships be like? How about your income? Hobbies? Ultimately… what will be your 2020 lifestyle.
If you are lucky enough to be reading this before the year 2020, great, we have some planning to do. If you are reading this post 2020, then you have 2020 hindsight, as the saying goes, and you can use these principles for 1, 3, 5 years out… etc. The goal and purpose is to assist you with living in prepare, rather then in repair. If we work together we can live in preparation of the life we want to live, which is a better choice then repairing how we used to live.
The good news is, where ever you are, whatever you do, you are reading this now. And now, is the best time to start. Start what? Creating the life you want, not living the life you dont want. You are familiar with the Law of Attraction right? If not, that would be a good place to start. What does living a life by design mean to you? What is the good life?
For me, its about lifestyle. Lifestyle is vague enough to allow you to give it the appropriate meaning. Its also specific enough, to realize we all want a better lifestyle. How we define it, is up to each individual, of course. LIfestyle can mean many things to many people. It usually includes some basic life pleasures and/or necessities from a variety of topics. It is of course a wide range, but the basics include a similar theme for most people. Most of us, from janitor to CEO, from jail to Yale, want a better lifestyle. We want to worship to whomever we wish, as often as we like, wherever we want. We probably want more time with friends and family. Most people want to be in contribution of some sort. Its important to have good health right? Making money is important too, isnt it. Not necessarily being rich, per se, but having enough funds to enjoy ourselves… or at least pay the bills. For the most part, more money will help. Some of us want to pursue more hobbies. Golf is an all day event, so is skiing. These activities need time. Being loved, being involved in worthwhile projects, having fun are some other needs.
Wherever you go around the country, or around the world, most people want a better lifestyle. However, most people have a JOB. Most JOB’s are determined by the employer. Most JOBS are paid what the job is worth, not what the person is worth. I think its safe to say, that most people dont love their job. Do you? If you do, congratulations, you are one of the lucky ones. If you don’t, congratulations, you are normal. In fact, whether you like your job or not, would you like the ability to earn 10% more next year? How about 20% more? Would making an addition 20% from what you made last year improve your life by 20%? Or more?
For most people a 20% increase in income would dramatically improve their lifestyle. So what would it take for you dramatically improve your lifestyle. Here’s the good news friends, there is a way. We are moving to a production based society. Technology and the international market place, is making it harder and harder to a) maintain our current lifestyle, b) improve our current lifestyle c) make more money d) have more free time. And, there is a solution. This solution is becoming more and more prevalent in society.
In the US there are 2 major tax systems. There are many, but predominantly 2. The first one is for the EMPLOYEE. This is a person who usually has a JOB and a BOSS and A DESK. This tax form is called W2. On a W2 tax form, one is paid, then the government takes its share, then one is expected to pay their expenses with whatever is left over. This in essence is a huge tax disadvantage, and not generally with the employees best interest. The IRS wins big time in this scenario.
The other major tax form in the US is called a 1099. This is for the Entrepreneur. In this situation one gets paid, and then pays their expenses, and then the government takes their share. In fact, the computer I am typing this on, was a tax deduction. Meaning, I paid for it, deducted it from my income, and then paid taxes on the remaining income. Wow! This is also true for my office, my cell phone, my car, most dinners out, most of my trips including hotel and air, and many other tax benefits.
But isn’t being an entrepreneur risky? Not any more. Especially with down sizing, corporate shifting, relocating, outsourcing, any other creative ways that corporations can get rid of their biggest expense, which of course, is employees. Yup, that’s right. I said. If you are an employee, you are an expense. You are paid the least amount so that you will not quit, and you probably work as little as possible to not be fired. Not necessarily you, but most probably someone you know.
If you have a JOB that gives you the lifestyle you want, you live with passion and purpose, you are often heard saying TGIM Thank God its Monday because you are so enthusiastic about starting the week, contributing to peoples lives, and living a lifestyle by design… then congratulations… but you are in the minority.
If most people want to FIRE their BOSS and/or they want a 20% or more raise and/or they want a better lifestyle and/or find that their JOB is getting in the way of their life… then THERE IS A SOLUTION. THERE IS A BETTER WAY.
For every day that goes buy that you do not have a home based business, you are throwing money out the window. And with a home based business, whether you are a 5 figure yearly earner, a 6 figure yearly earner, or a 7 figure yearly earner, a home based business can give you

  • extra weekly income
  • a retirement plan
  • huge tax advantages
  • flexibility
  • 10%-20% or more increase in your current income
  • a support team
  • no boss
  • no commute
  • no begging for raises
  • and… a better lifestyle.

So we spoke about a better lifestyle, and what it may mean to different individuals. Ive broken into 3 parts. Picture a triangle, in the middle write the words My Ideal Lifestyle. Because its you we are talking about now. On one side of the triangle, write the words Better Health. On the next side write the words Better Wealth. And on the third side write the words More Time Freedom. Improvement in each of these areas will generally improve ones lifestyle.
Now, what if you are only able to achieve 2 of these. Well lets see. Lets look at these scenarios. You have great abundant health, and a ton of free time.. but you are broke. In this situation, you might not have the best lifestyle. Lets look at someone with a ton of free time, and oodles of money, but terrible health. Not the best lifestyle, right? Whats the third option? Lots and lots of money, great health, and no time to enjoy it (this one might describe most people who have become slave to the dollar or the boss or the job)
Guess what. You can actually have all three. You can have better health, better wealth and more free time. If you take care of your self. Focus on the things that keep you happy. And, have passive/residual income.
Most people have active non residual income. They go to work they get paid. They dont go to work, they dont get paid. Most people get paid by the hour, by the client, by the project etc. This is linear. With a home based business you can have exponential income. For some who get engaged can make a car payment, a house payment, some can increase their income by 10%, some by 20%…. some.. can double or even triple their income.
In my first book You Online You Offline, a best seller on Amazon, I teach people how to go from hobby income to professional income with a home based business.
If you are looking for a better way, there is a solution. Many have been able to improve their health, increase their income, and, have more free time. Why? Because with the proper home based business, you can leverage yourself. You can work with others. You can have income come in from multiple sources. There are systems to follow and structure for success. Structure, and flexibility. You can start a home based business part time on the side, or go full time right away. If you or someone you know wants to learn about the ins and outs, wants a free tip or two, or ready to start a home based business, please reach out … we might be able to assist you as we have many in the past.
2020 hindsight… i woulda coulda shoulda. 2020 foresight… lets create that lifestyle by design.
To your abundant success
– Drew




  • Don Payne February 12, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Are you a N/M Distributor?

    • grant February 12, 2015 at 3:02 pm

      hey there Don –
      yes I am indeed. And I help network marketers go from hobby income to professional income. What are you up to?