3 Network Marketing Prospecting Techniques That Will Double Your Business

3 Network marketing Prospecting Techniques That Will Double Your BusinessProspecting Tips For Network Marketing brings a whole slew of ideas, questions and answers.  Today’s blog was inspired by one of my team mates.
Q – I have a couple people that are interested in my Network Marketing company  but I don’t know what specific information to present to them. And I don’t want to just send them to a website.
Does this sound like you or one of your team mates.  You have a website.  It’s probably corporate generated.   You have been learning and applying prospecting tips for network marketing and sales pros that you learned – where?  Most likely from your upline or at one of your company sponsored events.  You are probably receiving good information, and you should always check upline before you implement anything.  I’ll give you some techniques that will help you on your journey.
A – the best thing you can do is follow the exact steps as they are presented at www.YOURCOMPANYTRAININGSITE.com – You do have a company website right?  There is a system in place for you to follow?  An online training site that teaches you what to do?  If you do not have one of these let me know asap.  We’ll have to get you access to some training.

Prospecting Tips for Today’s Network Marketing Super Star

Network Marketing Prospecting Technique #1

Your job is to be out and about in the market place creating and developing relationships.  Add value to peoples lives. Stop selling all the time.  When you are out in the market place, and you find a want, need or desire make an appointment!  This is one of the simplest rules to follow as you are building.  When you get interest, book an appointment.  And then get one of your upline support team on the phone.  Let them  do the first 10 appointments for you. Don’t just send out videos willy nilly, have them watch the videos while you  are on the phone with them with your upline support team.  One of my favorite prospecting tips for network marketers… is… MAKE APPOINTMENTS!make appointment
I will be doing many posts on prospecting tips for network marketing as prospecting and recruiting are the life blood, the umbilical chord to your business.  If your business is not growing, its dying, just like a plant.

One of the main things that will keep you in a thriving business is having enough leads to do your presentations for.  No matter what your business, you will want to have more leads than time. If you have more time than leads, then you my friend have a hobby. Let’s get you some leads.
As you are building your organization, and you are growing a network marketing business, let’s go over some important prospecting techniques that will really assist you.
These very simple to learn, easy to duplicate network marketing prospecting techniques got me 3 leads in less then 3 minutes. This is a simple process you can repeat over and over again.
The other day my wife and I were at the pool chillaxin. She wanted to get a massage. I went for a facial.  At the end of my facial, I complemented the woman who worked on me. Now, this is not necessarily a  network marketing prospecting technique. However, a compliment goes a long way. You want to make it sincere, and true. Get used to using compliments weaved into your conversations.

Network Marketing Prospecting Technique #2

I asked her how long she has been doing facials. She answered, “17 years”. I said,”wow! That’s amazing. Are you going to do it for another 17″? This is always a good conversation starter. No matter what the answer, I always ask if they are going to do it twice as long as they have already been doing it.  This network marketing prospecting technique works every time, regardless of answer or profession.
This got her talking. About her kids. Her retirement. Her plans. So I asked her my absolute favorite lead generating question – network marketing prospecting technique#2 … are you the type of person that keeps options open for additional streams of income”? She said yes… Lead #1
And then as I exited I asked for the manager. This part you will LOVE.  This might be one of my favorite network marketing prospecting techniques …

Network Marketing Prospecting Technique #3

I asked the manager how long she had been there. She said 2 years. I asked her for a favor. I told her I was from Connecticut but I had an International Marketing Company that was expanding in Florida and that I was looking for some people to work with to help with marketing and PR. I asked her out of all the venders that come into her salon, from skin care to hair products to different products and services, to other sales people… I asked her who was the best? Who had always a smile, always enthusiastic about her products… Who was a real people person? Out of all the venders and people she worked with, I had her identify the best. She told me Natasha. And I got Natasha’s phone number. On the way out, I asked for the owner, complemented the woman who gave me the facial and the manager… And asked her the same question. She said Dan. And I got dans phone number. Viola. Got a facial. Got 3 leads. Easy Peasy.
I will continue sharing as we can learn and earn together. We help network marketers go from hobby income to professional income. Network marketing can be an expensive hobby or a lucrative business. I hope you got some value out of these 3 network marketing prospecting techniques.
– Drew
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  • Louis Di Bianco March 4, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    There is a lot of power in the three simple techniques you present here. Your first suggestion may seem obvious to a lot of people. But it is a game changer. Most network marketers fall into the trap of talking too much instead of relying on the tools their company gives them.
    I also love your emphasis on making the conversation about the other person’s needs and desires. Again, it may seem obvious, but so many network marketers ignore it and make their conversations about their products and comp plan.
    If people make these techniques their default prospecting habits, their income will soar.
    Thanks for this valuable lesson.