5 Network Marketing Tips and Tricks

So you signed the application. And now you are a Network Marketer. Not so fast amigo. In spite of what you have heard, this is no get rich quick scheme. Although, it is quite possible to make good money, and make it fairly quickly. It’s also possible to create long term, residual income.
Ive learned some Networking Marketing tips and tricks along the way that perhaps you will find valuable. Perhaps you’ve been around for a couple years and have tasted some success. Maybe you are earning enough to get your products paid for. But you want more. You’re a Network Marketer.
Is your story different? Have you been in a dozen companies and have yet to apply these lessons of a network marketer. Or are you already a professional network marketer and you are comfortably making 5 figures a month. Are you working with anyone who is at 6 figures a month?
Wherever you are on your journey, you probably want to have more. Perhaps earning an extra 10-20% will rock your world. Maybe, as a network marketer you are looking to double your business. I’ve been a network marketer now for almost 15 years.

Some Network Marketing Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned Along the Way

1) 3 way calls… The better you get at 3 way calls, the faster you learn this process – the easier your network marketing journey. I’ve mastered this in my last decade plus, if you need help with this let me know. I can help you wit dat fo sure.
2) read …. What network marketing book are you reading right now. My book is called YouOnlineYouOffline – How to make a fortune in Network Marketing (I’ve hear it’s good – lol .. You can get it on Amazon)
3) audio … An audio a day keeps the poverty away. What Network Marketing tips and tricks are you learning from the audio or podcast you are listening to right now? If you need a recommendation – lmk
4) have fun … Come on ya’ll – I’m at the airport, waiting for my plane to Orlando. I just stopped for a bite while waiting for the plane. Told the waitress how awesome she was. And how she would make a lot of money in my industry. Asked her why she was working as a waitress. She said to pay for school. I asked her if an extra $500-$1,000 a month would help. She said yes. We made an appointment. Sweet Sauce.
5) make appointments! Getting good at making appointments, will get you more presentations which will get you more sign ups.
So whether you are new or a seasoned network marketer, if you want to add 10% or 50% or 300% to your income, then follow these network marketing tips and tricks.

Have Your Own Network Marketing Tips and Tricks?

This is one of those cool posts where I can, perhaps, learn a thing or two from you. If you have some Network Marketing tips and tricks that you’d like to share, please comment below! Everyone wins! 😉