6 Tips on How to Build Your Email List

6 Tips on How to Build Your Email ListIf you are in the business of network marketing, you probably have a mailing list where you daily shoot mails with links of your products. You follow all the mailing rules yet rarely people buy them. So, where are you going wrong? Let me show you some tips on how to build your email list!
If you over burden each mail with lots of links in it or do not provide a balanced amount of options, it will only confuse your target market. If you give out 40 to 50 different product links, no one is going to check out all the links you have offered. Worse, they may not click any of the links. This is not the way to go about email!

Here’s what you need to do to really build your email list…

1. Email only 1 to 2 links as options to explore for your target audience. If your client has a wide number of products… even then it is important as a network marketer to keep it short. Always keep it within 3 to 4 links in any email blast.
2. Create online survey pages and incorporate it in your email with screenshots for reference. You can go to surveymonkey.com to do this. People love taking surveys. It will definitely increase your clicks and get more engagement from your audience.
3. Embed a video link through image if you have videos to offer. Once your audience clicks it, they will be taken to another page where the actual video is. Of course, you have to make sure this link is congruent and matches up to what appears on the page. This link should not lead to any sale page.
4. If you have already gathered a huge amount of likes and shares in social media for something you have written, then take a screenshot of it and send it to the mailing list. People will actually click it to like it. Make sure they are directed to your social media page when they do.
5. Do not go for huge follow-up mails if you don’t need them. Consistent bloggers need follow-ups sparingly. Keep your content fresh and do more broadcasts. People love new content and hate told the same thing over and over.
6. To be successful in network marketing, you need auto-responders for your email. Go to rayhigdon.com/aweber or rayhigdon.com/getresponse to use it for a low key business. It all depends on your budget, but trust me there are options for a large or small budget!
I really hope you enjoyed these 6 tips on how to build your email list. Email is something that a lot of people forget about, but it can really take your business to the next level. If you loved what you just read, or know someone that might, please feel free to like, share, or comment!
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