7 Time Management Tips of the Highly Successful – Part 1

Time-ManagementNo matter what you are up to in life and business, you probably want to get more done in less time.
If you are like me, you want to earn more and work less.
Time management tips, when implemented, will help you with everything you are up to.
Here are the Time Management Tips from Periscope I did yesterday… from my bicycle
For most people there are 3-10 areas of life that are important. If you are like most people, which you probably are, it is important to have the time, to do the things that are most important.
For many, the top important areas of life are most likely – family, work, hobbies, exercise, spirituality, personal development, and personal time. For others we might include philanthropy, contribution, an extra stream of income or a home based business. These are the basics.
If you follow these time management tips, you can have more time to do the things you love, and less of what you don’t

Here are 3 of my favorite Time Management Tips

  1. Devote your entire focus to the task at hand.
    Put your phone away, out of sight or on silent. Find a quiet place to work,where you can concentrate. Do the one thing. Block out all distractions. When my 11 year old goes to TaekWonDo, he bows, asks to enter, and then focuses on only TaekWonDo for that hour.
  2. Do. Delegate. Eliminate.
    Do more of what you are good at, what brings you joy and what makes you the most money. Not necessarily in that order. Delegate what is important but you are not good at, or don’t enjoy doing. Eliminate what does not need to get done.
  3. Find time for stillness.
    Stillness is the portal. Silence has the answer. I have been meditating once or twice a day, for over a year now. And it has helped me tremendously. In our DO,DO,DO world in which we live, when we take time to pause, and be still, we allow more into our lives. It’s called slow down to speed up.

Tomorrow I will send you part 2 of … time management tips.
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