8 Benefits of Network Marketing That You Can't Pass Up

8 Benefits of Network Marketing That You Can't Pass UpIn 2015, there was tremendous growth in network marketing. More and more people are starting to join companies that provide them with so many benefits. So what are the benefits of network marketing and how can they help you?
1. No Stack Up: In the early days, you needed to stack up a large amount of products to sell. Then you would have to hit the pavement and go door to door to sell these products. But now, with the aid of modern technology, you can completely sell your products online. All you need to start is a decent social media reach, email list, maybe a blog, and you will be golden!
2. Small Running Cost: Unlike other business models, network marketing costs very little to start and maintain. There is no overhead or utilities that is required of most businesses. You don’t have to have a huge amount of capital to get started! All you need is a determined attitude and some excellent training!
3. Gigantic Demand: No business can succeed without repeat customers. If you can continue to provide great value and products to your customers/clients, they will return. Not only will they return, but they will also refer others to you. This cycle just keeps repeating and growing into a successful network!
4. Collective Mindset: Everyone on the team experiences success when one person does. You think as a whole and help each other out in difficult situations. I personally have met some fantastic human beings that I am proud to call my friends and teammates. We think together, work together, and have fun together! Who doesn’t want that?
5. Great Lifestyle: Lots of people join a network marketing business in order to make extra income. They want to have a better life than they currently have. I have been able to travel all over the country and world since I’ve been in this business. The lifestyle I have now doesn’t even compare to what I had before. My wife, children, and I enjoy doing things together that we couldn’t do before.
6. Tax Benefits: You are not an employee, you are a distributor. You can subtract your overall costs from your income and then decide how much to pay in taxes. If you work at a traditional company, your boss would probably laugh at you if you suggested this model. Traditional employees are liable for paying a particular portion of their income no matter how much they earn. Employees earn, pay taxes, and spend. Businesses earn, spend, and pay taxes.
7. Flexibility: What people usually notice first is that they will not be bound to follow any 9 to 5 schedule if they join a network marketing company. Just think about all the time you can have and invest in something you love. You can choose where to work, when to work, and with whom to work with. This gives you an ultimate sense of being your own boss.
8. Spiritual Development: Network marketing can help you become a better person with an enhanced skill set. You learn how to relate to others, you learn coaching, you learn public speaking, and you learn mentoring. Many people develop spiritually under this process. Religion or race is never an issue here.

Now that you know the 8 benefits of network marketing, what’s next?

Well, you need to jump in and cash in on these benefits. Do some research and find out which company you’re interested in. Don’t do anything without passion. If you need some help deciding, reach out to me directly and we can chat about it. Like what you just read about benefits of network marketing or know someone that might? Feel free to like, share, or comment!
Be Great!
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