A God That Loves MLM? Gregg Braden Connects The Dots…

A God That Loves MLM - Gregg Braden Connects The Dots...

A God That Loves MLM - Gregg Braden Connects The Dots...

What’s God got to do with Network Marketing? More than you can imagine.
Hey, I’m the MLM Mobster; I don’t thump bibles. But I’m passionate about belief with a capital B.
If your head isn’t buried in the sand, you know that your MLM success depends on unshakable belief. In what? Your product or service, your company, the network marketing industry, and yourself. Eliminate one of those, and you’re out of the game.
It’s no joke when they say that Network Marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan. It makes perfect sense. You won’t get rich if you don’t grow. And you won’t grow if you don’t examine, challenge, and strengthen your beliefs.
Gregg Braden is a master at reframing and transforming beliefs. This guy is way ahead of the herd. To say that he gets the big picture is an understatement. He’s a man with a vision you definitely want to see. His book, The Divine Matrix, is inspiring and life changing.
Here’s another exciting fact about him. He comes from the aerospace industry. What’s exciting about that? The man understands science. In other words, he ain’t no flake! When he thinks and talks about spirituality, he expresses unique brilliant ideas that are scientifically supported.
I just listened to his 4-CD audio book, Awakening The Power Of A Modern God – Unlock the Mystery and Healing of Your Spiritual DNA. What can I say? It’s a game changer.
Here’s why every Network Marketer deserves to own it. Awakening The Power Of A Modern God clarifies the Laws of Attraction like nothing I’ve ever read or heard. And I read and hear a lot.
Gregg takes you on a journey deep inside yourself as he softly reads his text. He sheds light on the dark places and hidden corners of your mind. Surrender to his voice and you may understand your inner world for the first time. You may start to appreciate your incredible personal power.
You’ll uncover the behavior patterns that block your true potential. You’ll learn how and why negative people and experiences show up in your life.
Let’s say you encounter a lot of frustration in your MLM home business. You attract more than your share of rejection and deception. Maybe they are wearing you out. You fantasize about finding an easier way to make a living. You’re about to give up on creating a life.
Gregg Braden will give you hope. He’ll help you awaken the belief that you can and will find MLM success. He’ll show you how to take control of things that just seem to happen to you. You’ll discover how a simple shift of focus can create a magnetic force and ignite the laws of attraction that attract success instead of failure.
I had a strong aversion to religion from my early education. A simple word like prayer would make me shiver. Braden made me see prayer in a totally different light.
The third CD of Gregg’s book reveals the true meaning and power of prayer. It teaches you how to pray to create the life of your dreams. Believe me; there’s nothing woo-woo about it.
You’ll learn that there are 5 modes of prayer. They are:

  • Colloquial – Simple everyday statements that we make, such as, “Please, God, let me get to the next gas station before my car stalls.”
  • Petitionary – A more formalized request to God or the Universe.
  • Ritualistic – A familiar prayer or petition that we repeatedly say. Grace before meals is an example.
  • Meditation – A powerful form of wordless prayer.
  • Feeling Prayer – With this potent force, you channel emotions through words to shape your destiny.

Awakening The Power Of A Modern God is not about religion. It’s not about dogma. It’s all about self discovery. It’s a life transforming journey into your limitless self.
I’ll bet you’ve heard the expression, “Ask the universe for what you want.” I’ll also bet that you’ve had trouble believing those words. Gregg Braden reveals the real magic behind them.
Get his audio book. Listen to it more than once. The experience will open a door to any future you want to create. Are you ready to embrace that? If so, enter your contact information in the form on the right to get more information from a team that truly believes in the laws of attraction and reaps the rewards of the universe.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Louis Di Bianco, the MLM Mobster.

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  • tedbogan March 17, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    I truly believe Gregg, this blog more than justify why I read more, have a open mind to other's point of views. Because you can never stop learning. I will be picking up Gregg's materials.