A Mindset Mastery Weekend with Paul Finck

I just had the pleasure of attending the now famous Mindset Mastery Experience with Paul Finck. Paul has 28 years of entrepreneurial experience in RE, business development, Network Marketing and various other businesses. He taught a 7 step process to hit any goal. Here they are for you.

Paul Finck: How to hit any goal

  1. determine what is most important: Is it career, or family, or health. What is the one thing you are going to focus on?
  2. create specific target: What is the exact out come you seek? Paul Finck advises the clearer the better.
  3. set due date: Once again, the date isn’t sometime next year. That’s too vague. Pick a specific date.
  4. write down 3 specific ways to achieve it: This is the best part. Don’t just identify one way to achieve your goal… But 3. This way you are making sure that attaining the goal is inevitable.
  5. list 5 benefits to achieving the specific target goal: This is a very powerful process. You may have heard it before by hearing someone ask “what is your why”?
  6. what knowledge or resources do you need to accomplish it? This is a key factor to your success. Identify what you need to accomplish your goal. It’s like fitting in the pieces to a puzzle.
  7. what do you have to do or change or improve to make it inevitable? We will be talking more about this in upcoming blogs. This is the law of attraction in action.

You’ll be hearing more from me about Paul Finck!

So, I will be working closely with Paul over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more wisdom and insights from Paul Finck! What are your goals for 2015? Comment below.