Telomere and Telomerase: Keys to the Latest Anti Aging Systems?

Dr. Bill Andrews researches Anti Aging Systems

Dr. Bill Andrews

It seems that Isagenix International’s advancements in anti aging systems seem like something from the realm of Science Fiction. At the same time, all things that have been hitting the high-tech world we live in seemed like sci-fi just a few years earlier. We are aging fast! That is the exact subject that we are addressing here – anti aging systems formulated through the study and application of the telomere and telomerase.

How anti aging systems are affected by the Telomere and Telomerase

The study of DNA has been going on for decades. You may remember that the entire human genome, the approximately 30,000 DNA strands, has been completely mapped as of just a few years ago. The project began in the 1980’s and the final DNA strand mapping was published in 2006 in Nature magazine. One of the discoveries that went along with this mapping is the existence of the telomere and telomerase. Telomeres are the nucleic acid sequence of base pairs found at the end of every DNA strand. They have been compared to the little plastic wrappers at the end of a shoelace, and they are, in theory, used to keep the DNA from unraveling and becoming useless. They are referred to as the protective cap at the end of the strand. Telomerase is the enzyme that helps the body generate more telomeres.

When we are born, there are around 8,000 base pairs of telomeres at the end of every DNA strand. The telomeres are involved in helping these strands to split and recombine to create new cells (mitosis), and they are there to protect the genetic information of each strand; to create whole and healthy cells. Each time the DNA splits and recombines a number of telomeres are consumed during the process. When people die of old age the average number of telomeres is at around 1,500 base pairs. Science has determined that the DNA strands stop reproducing when the number of telomeres drops to that range, the depletion threshold. This is aging.

Telomere and Telomerase: Keys to the Latest Anti Aging Systems?

Several theories have been postulated and are being heavily researched as to whether telomeres could be the key to anti aging systems, and also a key to cancer prevention and treatment. Telomeres are created by the enzyme telomerase. The body uses this enzyme to replace the base pairs as they are consumed in the cellular reproductive process. Healthy amounts of telomere and telomerase should keep the human body from aging, which is the effect of DNA strands no longer able to reproduce in a health way due to having too few telomeres. Therefore, aiding our body to have an abundance of telomeres and telomerase is now believed to be the strongest support for anti aging systems, similar to the effect of removing oxidants from the body helps to keep our cells healthy and alive.

My colleagues and I first heard about this research and the search for a healthy, natural and organic trigger to help the body produce more telomerase, at the Celebration event that Isagenix International held in San Diego in August 2010. One of the key telomerase researchers, Dr. Bill Andrews, joined master formulator John Anderson (founder of Isagenix) on stage to introduce the concepts and to talk about the research toward creating specifically designed anti aging systems. This product has been created and is now being released. It is called Product B. There is a huge excitement around Product B, as you can understand, and this product introduction will be one of the events that will turn Science Fiction into Reality.

To be a part of this wave of change that is occurring in the realm of health and anti aging systems, we should all take a serious look at Isagenix. Our time has come. It is never too late to slow down the process of aging!

Since this product is only starting to be introduced, please contact me for further details.

I suspect anti aging systems are core to many of you reading this. We’d love to hear what you have to say! Please comment below.

Best in health!
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