Arbonne Bankruptcy?! What Is The Rumor Mill Up To Now?

Arbonne Bankruptcy Rumor

Arbonne Bankruptcy Rumor

Rumors abound! It is always sad when the rumor machines take over. It doesn’t take more than a spark in the wind to start a wild fire. The media loves to see anyone with any amount of fame go down burning. They can be like sharks drawn to a drop of blood in the water. Yet, many times the rumors prove to be correct, so every hint is considered food for the fodder. We are the consumers of the fodder. And when we are busy building a business in the network marketing industry it is always big news when one of the biggest and most well known mlm companies is at the heart of a rumor. So, what is up with this Arbonne bankruptcy rumor?
It apparently stems from a comment that the outgoing CEO made on a phone call about having to get some “$400 million investment soon or they would have to go Chapter 11”. It probably wasn’t a wise statement coming from such a person. It is just the type of phrase that is like a lit match in dry grass. Still, even if this is a true statement, it is chapter 11, not chapter 7. It is restructuring, not liquidation. Most large companies do this at a point in their lifetime, at least once.
Arbonne has a great product line with high quality products and a large following within the network marketing industry. If there have been management issues, they have been kept out of the public eye. Yet, there is always speculation when the CEO is replaced. Who knows the inner workings of the top brass? Only they do and their tight circle. The rest of us get tidbits to chew on…and rumors are born. It is interesting that the new CEO is not from one of the many other MLM companies (she used to be with McDonald’s), but she has a wealth of experience in marketing highly desirable products (Happy Meals), so it is an interesting choice. The company moves forward – we all hope.
We all hope so, because we do not like to see a company with hopes and dreams for so many representatives go down the path of bankruptcy. Probably the best idea is to hang in there until there is something concrete hitting the media, not just the breath of a rumor. But there are many who will not be willing to weather the storm that is brewing. Why should they when there are a thousand other MLM companies to choose from and to build a business on? Yet, to hear of a company with the longevity of Arbonne possibly teetering and falling is enough for many to find something new to pour their efforts into. If you are one of those, remember the golden rule: find out everything you can about the company, the product line, and the comp plan and then make a decision.
As always, there are resources on the internet that allow us all to do this kind of research that we have always turned to “the experts” to do in the past. We can now follow breaking news in the network marketing industry such as this to learn our own truth. We can research alternatives to a potential Arbonne bankruptcy, as well as myriad other company issues and characteristics, and make informed decisions, and now is the time to do this. In all network marketing plans there are experts to help you in your business, such as Drew Berman and others who can help you in your quest. Seek out your support group and see what happens!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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  • Al D. January 19, 2010 at 8:49 pm

    Great blog! I've been hearing rumors lately about Arbonne and I guess that's exactly what they are…rumors. Hopefully everything works out for the company and it's distributors and hopefully when the truth comes out the rumor mill will be put to rest.

  • jessie January 28, 2010 at 3:56 am

    They just filed chapter 11 today, jan 27th. over 500 million in debt.

  • kg January 28, 2010 at 8:40 pm

    facts here: