Attitude and Effort

Attitude and EffortLet me give you an example that is applicable to your business as a multi-level marketing or network marketing professional. In order for your business to grow, you must recruit. No matter how good you are in selling your wares, the power of your residual income potential is built by recruiting and building a downline. How do you make that happen? Simple, commit to a number of calls or contacts you will make daily for the express purpose of building your business. Let’s use a relatively simple and easy to attain number. 10 calls or contacts a day, 5 days a week. That type of commitment will only take about 30 minutes out of your schedule.
Here is what to expect out of those calls.

You will contact three people, out of those three people one will say yes, one will say no, one will say maybe. So, you will schedule one definite appointment to share your business a day or 5 appointments a week. One will definitely reschedule on you, so you will end up doing 4 out of the five appointments. Close just 50% of those appointments and you have added 2 more people to your team that week. Continue doing that week after week and by the end of the year, you will have personally sponsored 104 people.
If that sounds unreasonable, cut that number in half to 52. If that sounds outrageous, cut it in half again to just 26. Still unreasonable? 13? 7? Either way, you have built your team based off of your attitude and effort. Keep the effort up to just 10 calls a day and keep your attitude positive because regardless of what the nay sayers have to say, you will build your team by the sheer number of calls you make. Remember, ATTITUDE and EFFORT, control those and control your destiny! Get started now!
Again, I’m all about the stories! If you have any stories about how your attitude and effort helped you persevere, I’d love to hear them! Comment below…
– Drew