Balancing Parenting and Network Marketing

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Life can be complicated especially if you are a mother and a business woman but if Jen can handle it all, so can you!

For those of you who do not know this, Jen Miller is an exceptionally motivated woman who is passionate about her Isagenix business. I was fortunate enough to catch up with her during our interview on The Network Marketing Radio Show where I found out what truly motivated and inspired her. She shared with me that her journey to health is what ultimately led her to Isagenix. As a child she was overweight and because of this she made the decision to transform herself and change her lifestyle before her freshman year of high school. Later on she became the owner of a fitness studio and transitioned into the world of network marketing.
Her transition to network marketing wasn’t initially something she had planned on doing but when it fell into her lap she considered the long hours she spent with clients and the non-satisfactory results of her earnings. She also was open to another stream of income after the economy change in 2008 caused her to lose 80% of her clients since so many people were losing their jobs at the time. When Isagenix was presented to her she was intrigued by how different it was from other nutritional cleanses. Jen believed that this product was unique because the program was already set up for her and she didn’t have to worry about starving when she didn’t have time to find something healthy to make. She also knew that her clients were struggling with the nutritional side of being healthy. Just like Jen, clients were busy with parenting and working so she felt like this was the perfect way to help them out.

“This is a business of relationships and until you can have a deep relationship with yourself first and love yourself first then you won’t be successful in this business” –Jen Miller

A huge part of increasing the growth of your business and expanding your team is personal development. Jen has 837 people in her network but to get to that level she had to self-reflect and deal with the things from her past that could potentially hinder her growth. In the business of network marketing you not only have to believe in yourself, but you also have to believe in the industry. This means attending the events, investing in personal development and hiring a success coach. These things may not seem necessary but they can increase your chances of truly dominating this industry and you need a team to do that.

“I love that I can literally plan my day, for the most part, around my family. Again, having three kids, 6 and under, means a lot of things come up so things change but I love the flexibility.”

Jen didn’t just want a group of people to work for her she wanted people who had a desire to come together and accomplish something. She has a lot of mothers on her team who deal with the same struggles that she does, yet they all still appreciate the fact that they can work hard and provide for their family and still be available. Jen Miller is the mother of three kids who are all under 6 years old and being able to do work on her own time really helps her manage that lifestyle. If you find yourself feeling overworked with very little results like Jen started to feel, then you should consider network marketing as well.
If you are interested in hearing more about Isagenix from me or Jen Miller, then come to the event in Litchfield, Connecticut on October 22, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can also check out this interview on The Network Marketing Radio Show if you want to hear more about Jen’s social media tips and Isagenix!
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