The Technology of the Best Superfoods

Technology of the Best Superfoods for Weight Loss

*NOT* the Best Superfoods

Can the best superfoods save us?

We are becoming more and more aware of problems in the eating habits of our country that are tantamount to epidemic in nature. The subjects are junk foods and foods devoid of nutrition. While most of us are subject to putting foods in our bodies that would qualify as junk food – potato chips, corn chips, soda, ice-cream, processed sugars, bleached wheat, fast foods, msg, nitrates and nitrites, seltzer water, and many more – many of us are looking for ways to improve our health, reduce our fat and lower our weight, lower our cholesterol, triglycerides, and the many things that our doctors are telling us that we need to do. Can we find what we are looking for in organic foods and vegetarian diets, or simply “good eating”? The answer is no. To get the true balance of food energy that we need to grow and stay healthy, we should all be looking into the technology of the best superfoods.
I am not saying that “eating right”, such as organically grown local foods, grass-fed happy meats, loading up on fruits and vegetables, and drinking filtered water, for example, is a bad thing; not at all. It is a great thing for you to do to help your body become healthy and should be the main focus of your food intake. What I am saying is that no matter what food you are putting into your body, chances are close to 100% that there will be traces of pesticides, petroleum based products, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and many more things that are toxic in some way to our systems found either within or on the consumable item. It is the nature of the way that we live on our planet that makes this inevitable. Aside from that, our mass farming methods have systematically stripped most of the nutrients out of the soil so the food may look fresh and wholesome, but it is nutritionally bankrupt for the most part. This is where superfood technology, or the best superfoods in general, can be the true source of health.
Superfood technology is a recent development in our country. There are a handful of scientists who are nutritionists and formulators who care greatly about the health of the people on this planet and they have gone to work finding the best organically grown ingredients to create balanced superfoods.
What do I mean by a superfood? For our body to take in the nutrients that it needs there must be a balance of protein, minerals, vitamins, trace elements and live enzymes to deliver it in such a way that our body can metabolize the ingredients. Simply putting vitamins in our body does not mean that the cells can absorb them. They have to combine with the proper minerals to be transmitted through the cell walls. It takes the active enzymes to do the job of breaking them down into the proper elements and ratios for the maximum benefit. This is the design of the best superfoods. The science behind the best superfoods is all about finding the sources of these ingredients from natural and safe foods, such as alfalfa or aloe – both highly effective at cleansing our bodies and wonderful each as a superfood in itself.
We would all have to have a degree in nutrition and a lifetime of research to understand how to combine our foods in such a way as to deliver the food to our brain that will inevitably make us healthy throughout our whole body. A healthy brain leads to a healthy body. In addition, there are a group of the best superfoods for weight loss. The theory behind this is that our bodies create fat cells to surround the foreign invaders that we get from breathing, eating, drinking and touch – basically, from living on our current planet Earth. If we remove the foreign invaders from our bodies by developing a formula of roots, berries, and other substances, all known for their ability to attach themselves to one or another toxin and flush it from the body, then our body will release the fat that it no longer needs as that protection layer. It is a beautiful thing! We become more beautiful to ourselves.
With the right combination of the best superfoods in our bodies we begin to glow. Seriously, people will walk up to you and say “you are positively glowing!”, and they will be right. Our bodies are the most miraculous healing machines when given the chance. The best superfoods, and using superfoods for weight loss, are the key to this health.

Locating the Best Superfoods

So where do I find the best superfoods? You might be asking that right now. After researching this in great detail I have settled on the line from Isagenix International. You can do your own research and I will be willing to bet that you will arrive at the same conclusions. If you want to be the healthiest that you can be in your life, no matter what age you are right now, look into this company. They have the best superfoods in the form of a cellular cleanse, protein shake with the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and active enzymes, a formula called Ionix Supreme that has adaptogens which help with sleep and energy flow, a balanced daily formulation of antioxidants, omega-3s, CoQ10, as well as many other foods designed for helping our bodies achieve the greatest health.
These superfoods are not a replacement for eating right, they are the enhancement to get the best health through the best superfoods so that you can enjoy the food that you prepare and eat to it’s fullest, mainly because you are eating it for the pleasure of it, not for the health of it.
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