Best Tips To Handle Rejection In Network Marketing

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Rejection is a notion that we face everyday in life, whether it is on a major scale or a smaller scale.

For example, we all remember that moment when we were young teens in middle school or high school looking for our first job. I’m sure we can all recall the sting of the constant rejection we faced due to our nearly empty resume’s and lack of work experience.
However, some rejections may be larger than that, such as getting a denial letter from a university you applied to in high school that you were dead set on attending. Or even getting constant rejection letters from associations that you applied to for scholarship funds for schooling.
One would think that since the possibility of rejection is all around us and since we often times come face to face with it that the concept would be easier to handle but unfortunately it never is.
The reason why rejection is so difficult to handle most of the time is for two primary reasons:

1. Getting rejected makes a person believe that they did something wrong. Therefore a person automatically jumps to the conclusion that the rejection is their own fault.

2. Rejection often times makes a person feel incompetent and that they lack the knowledge and skill necessary to correctly engage and complete any tasks in the area that they are striving to do well in.

However, these things are rarely the case, but sometimes keeping these ideas on the back burner may not be such a bad thing because you will always be looking towards evaluating yourself, rebuilding, and learning more.

Nevertheless, I have prepared some tips on how to deal with rejection in the network marketing field because as always I got you covered:

  • You have to make up in numbers what you lack in skills
  • Have faith in yourself. If your belief in yourself and your skills is high enough, no one else’s opinion really matters
  • Rejection is a large part of the business. You can fail 90% of the time and that is okay because you only need the select few that take a chance on you to be successful and to stick around.

Rejection is a constant and it is guaranteed to happen. Do not be afraid of it, let it happen, learn from it, and embrace it. Till next time guys!
Be great!
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  • Jonathan Ahn July 16, 2016 at 3:31 pm

    The feeling of rejection hurts.. It is best to handle it in the proper way and use it as motivation to succeed next time. Great post.

  • Keith Everett July 17, 2016 at 7:04 am

    Rejection is what it is. People are never going to get a “score” 100% of the time. Good analogy Drew.. and very true..

    • Drew July 18, 2016 at 1:34 pm

      yah mahn… thanks Keith