Bob Circosta and the Great Sales Pitch

Bob Circosta and the Great Sales PitchHave you ever been up super late at night and flipped the TV to one of those shopping channels? You know, the one’s where they’re talking about the product and showing it to you, all while convincing you to buy yet. Does the Home Shopping Network ring a bell yet? As you may or may not know, HSN was launched into success by none other than “TV’s Billion Dollar Man”, Bob Circosta. To save the company from certain failure, he went on the air in 1977 to sell can openers. HSN had recently received a lot of can openers as a payment for another transaction and Bob was able to sell them all! He sparked a method of sales and developed strategy that has lasted over the decades.

Throughout his career, Bob Circosta has implemented the notion that the words you speak can really make a different in the field of sales. They can ultimately decide if you’ll have a poor or great sales pitch that will get the results you’re looking for.

In fact, the company that Circosta owns trains those who work on HSN. He is the master of the sales pitch and generating demand for the product in customers. He speaks to organizations and businesses all over the country and I had the opportunity to to see him at the Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp. It was so cool and I learned so much from him. If you’d like to see him speak, check out the video at the end of this blog!
Are you struggling with your sales pitch in your network marketing business? Well, you don’t need to be. There are some easy ways to make your pitch a bit better. It starts with HOW you deliver your message. The delivery could include anything, from your body language, to your emotion or simply the feeling of your words. People pay more attention to these non-verbal cues than you realize!
Like I’ve said before, if you’re not excited about your product, then people will be able to tell. Don’t just start rambling facts on and on because people don’t want that. They usually want to see the value that your product can bring to them. You need to show them this value by providing concrete examples. Test out your product first so that you can speak with the energy you need.

Next, you want to have a great sales pitch, then you need to understand your customer or client.

Empathy is a word that is tossed around a lot, but I really don’t think people know what it means. Get to know what makes your clients tick; know their thoughts, hopes, and dreams. You should also know their problems. By knowing their problems, you can effectively find a solution that will work for them. Learn and then teach your customers or clients. Figure out what kind of problems they have been having and give them something that will allow them to do whatever they need to do.
So really, the pitch that you’re presenting shouldn’t sound much like a sales pitch at all. The idea of a sales pitch has a negative connotation and that really is a shame. Getting to know your customers and helping them with your problems should never be seen as a negative thing, but there have been those who abuse their relationships with clients.
“But, what about people who say no? I should just give up because all I am hearing is no.” Absolutely not! Don’t ever give up; you will hear a thousand “no’s” but it’s worth it to hear that “yes” even one time. Objections are a part of network marketing and you’re just going to have to get used to that. In fact, I’ve written about the topic many times and there are ways that you can learn to handle objections. If you don’t believe me, Forbes wrote about it too. They say that those in sales who do not avoid objections are usually more successful than those who do try to steer clear of them.

The truth is simple: if you want a great sales pitch, then you have to tackle objections head on.

Prepare yourself to take objections and you will be great. Don’t fear negativity in your life, but instead, go for it and try to improve it. Bob Circosta perfected his great sales pitch for HSN and it’s time for you to do the same. With focus, training, and just a bit of time, I know you can be successful in network marketing. Let me show you how!
Be Great!
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