Brent Albin Shares How Instagram Can Upgrade Your Business

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Traditional media as we once knew it has been reconstructed and revamped into what we now call social media.This new age of technology may seem complicated at first but with the right help it can enhance your business and increase your social media following. Earlier this week The Network Marketing Radio Show had the pleasure of having one of the best social media and online marketers in the world, Brent Albin, as a guest. He made a lot of great points but his main focus was how Instagram shifted from being entertainment to becoming a great asset in helping his business thrive. Brent remembers noticing the fact that most people who watch TV usually have their phones in their hand. It was at this point that he realized that although the TV may be on, people are usually watching their phones. Eventually he came to the conclusion that social media was the reason people were starting to pay more attention to their phones. Since Instagram was becoming very popular, he decided to put his Instagram to good use and started the journey of increasing his following. With hard work and consistency he was able to take his Instagram account from 2.1 million to 10 million! The concept of social media followers may seem insignificant but the reason followers matter is because having a larger following makes it easier to promote your business.

Increasing your followers is beneficial in more ways than just one.

When you finally upgrade your Instagram and make it to at least 10,000 followers, then you can actually begin your advertising and selling. The reason that you can’t do this as effectively with fewer followers is because your following gives you more credibility. According to Brent, people trust your page more and the quality of your products once they see that 10,000 people found that the page was good enough to follow. Another thing that strongly effects the results of using Instagram for businesses is your video usage and quality. We’ve mentioned in the previous blog post how important it is to connect with your audience through videos and this rule doesn’t change once you convert to the Instagram lifestyle. If anything there should be an even more continuous flow of videos on your page that will keep people interested. Here’s an example of how that worked for someone… A hair dresser got help from Brent Albin and began the journey of increasing her followers on Instagram so that she could start promoting her services to her target clients. She utilized Instagram videos to show off the process and results of her work on her clients. The result of her engaging with her followers was her amount of followers eventually increasing to 300,000. Now she is always booked at least three days out of the month.

“If you give them good deals and the product looks really good, you can sell it.”-Brent Albin

This is some of the best advice to take because your success with your business ultimately depends on you. Don’t be discouraged by the challenges of finding leads, creating good content, or whatever else could scare you away! If you create content that will catch people’s eye, then you will in return see more people showing interest in whatever it is you are trying to sell. If you think for any reason you might need further guidance with this process, Brent Albin has an entire website with modules dedicated to helping people navigate through the world of marketing, advertising and profiting from Instagram. Go to InstagramLeads.US to purchase the $197 program that includes 11 Modules plus several different bonuses created by Brent Albin. There will also be a half hour long 101 coaching by myself included in your package as another bonus! We want you all to have a chance to learn how to maximize your options.

“It’s not about selling. It’s about connecting, adding value. It’s about developing relationships and with this course you’re gonna set yourself up for success and you’re gonna blow away the competition.”

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