Brian Fanale Internet Rock Star – Is He for Real?

Brian Fanale

Brian Fanale

If one decision could change your life beyond your wildest dreams, would you make it?

Just an ordinary guy, Brian Fanale changed the course of his life forever in March 2005 with one decision. Planning to pursue a career in medicine after college, he said “no” to being a doctor after looking at the financial and personal costs. He closed that door to his life forever.

That fateful day lead him to search the internet with three key words – make more money.

Because family, friends and a great lifestyle were among his highest priorities, and he wanted 100% control of his time, income and life, he spent the next three years learning about the business opportunity of MLM.

But he fell into the trap of three deadly MLM habits:

  1. Purchasing hundreds of useless leads that went nowhere
  2. “Selling” and “Convincing” everyone he spoke with
  3. Living in a poverty mindset of a $2,000 a year income earner

His disappointment grew deeper and deeper. He didn’t make a dime in profit in that 3 year period and spent a heck ‘uva lot of money doing it.

Never one to give up, Brian Fanale made another fateful decision.
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Brian Fanale Internet Rock Star – Is He for Real?




  • Seth Lefferts May 17, 2010 at 2:11 am

    Nice! I have been on calls with Brian and seen so much of his output that I know how well his techniques work. The trick is to listen to exactly what he is doing and copy it. It is a process.
    Thanks, Stephanie.

  • Al Davis Jr. May 18, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Brian and Drew are absolutely for real.
    You would do well to follow and heed the advice of both.