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Business, Marketing, and Income Innovation Marquel RussellHello my network marketing peeps! It’s Drew Berman coming back at you with the network marketing radio show!
For those of you who are not familiar or have pretty much been living under a rock with Patrick Star on Spongebob, let me get you all caught on the details of the show I’m talking about.

Every week on the Network Marketing Radio Show, I bring on a few of my good friends or those who have experience in the field. They give tips and tricks on how to survive in the network marketing profession, how to grow your business, market, and income.

On this week’s show, the network marketing millionaire and business strategist Marquel Russell stopped by to share his story on how he literally went from drugs and jail to the laptop lifestyle.
Marquel Russell is a Rapid Business Growth Strategist, a life long entrepreneur and the Creator & Founder of Infinite Success University (the one stop shop coaching and training company for serious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business faster and easier). Marquel is internationally known for assisting entrepreneurs with attracting an endless flow of your ideal prospects, customers and clients in 30 days or less…GUARANTEED.
Russell grew up in a drug infested environment and was raised by a single mother along with his two sisters. With such a low income garnishing family, Russell began selling drugs at young age and dropped out of school before entering the tenth grade.
Needless to say, this sort of lifestyle very quickly led Marquel down the wrong path and he ended up in prison at the age of nineteen. To make matter’s worse while locked away, Russell’s girlfriend gave birth to his very first child and due to this, it did not take long for Russell to come to the conclusion that he wanted a better life for himself and his new family. He began working on cars but unfortunately, Marquel did not like the unfairness of the system he worked for as far as payment was concerned. Shortly after quitting, he began to get into the entertainment business of promoting clubs and music. At this time, Marquel was approached in the clubs by someone in network marketing and was told to go to a meeting and try it out.
Similar to most (if not all) new network marketers, Russell failed…miserably. He was not making money as quickly as he would have liked and nearly quit. Fortunately, Marquel’s mentor convinced him not to and he went to other meetings and tried again.
Eventually, Russell discovered online marketing with blogging and began to gain leads and hit top ranks in companies. Now Marquel coaches and helps people get a good lifestyle in the business of network marketing.
On this week’s show, Russell suggests some tips on how to grow your business, market, and income with those just beginning to get into the field and are treading on unfamiliar territory.

Some of the things Marquel suggests are for a person to film their own videos and teach others things that they never knew before.

In other words, it is all about the content creation.
More of the tips that Marquel gave during the show are to: figure out your business, figure out a vehicle to get you to the vision, and find a mentor to help you.
Never be afraid to ask for help guys!

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Be Great!
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  • LauraF June 6, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    I need to make sure to tune into your next show!

  • Jonathan Ahn June 7, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    Great tips. Learned a lot from this. Thanks!

    • Drew June 10, 2016 at 10:29 am

      awesome – thanks for coming by Jon