Carol McManus – the LinkedIn Social Media Professional

Carol McManus - LinkedIn Social Media ProfessionalLinkedIn Social Media is a very REAL resource in the world of Network Marketing. We’re not entirely unaware of LinkedIn as an MLM resource here at, but it is an area that we certainly have under appreciated. Drew met with a woman recently who is a phenomenal LinkedIn professional and we absolutely had to share the story.
There are people who you meet in your life who bring an energy that you know right from the start is going to change your game. Carol McManus is one of them. She is known throughout the business world, both offline and online, as The LinkedIn Lady. In fact, her website is The question is, how does someone become known as the de facto source for information on social media, especially LinkedIn, one of the most popular social media sites for business relationships, out of the millions upon millions of social media users? How did Carol become the LinkedIn Social Media professional, the LinkedIn Lady?

The key to how Carol McManus became the LinkedIn Social Media Professional

Carol has a long and very successful background in real estate. Perhaps this is a clue. What is it about success in real estate that translates into success in social media? It is all about building relationships. It is all about networking. This is something that Carol learned early and took to heart as she was branding herself as the Social Media queen. What she learned over time is that the key to success in anything is the relationships you build with your potential clients and partners.
A hard lesson in life is learning the difference between sales and relationship building. Traditional sales techniques are based on manipulation of your prospect. Discovering their need, their pain, and offering up a solution, which just happens to be what you are selling. While this is tried and true, it does not necessarily build repeat customer, or happy customers. It just builds a sales record.
Relationship building is the key to learning the true feelings behind people’s motivations. It is all about building a rapport based on trust, friendship, service and common ground which all serve to create a long term relationship which is mutually satisfying and rewarding. Although the sales principles still apply, in this case there is really no sale involved. There is a genuine desire on the buyer’s part to work with you and be open to what you have to offer. It is a huge difference. It is also the basis for success in social media. Social media is the key to building a network that reaches far beyond face-to-face relationships. It is the newest tool in our toolbox for growing a business, especially a network based business.

The LinkedIn Social Media Queen Continues to Teach…and Learn

Carol McManus not only understands this thoroughly, but she is an expert at what she does. Through her personality and life learning experiences she has mastered the art of teaching others how to have similar success, thus transforming people into leaders and high achievers. The LinkedIn Lady is an important asset to anyone’s business. Carol McManus is someone to seek out to have on your team if you want to tackle the new and daunting world of social media, building your professional network beyond your current capabilities, and the potential that it offers. She is the ultimate LinkedIn Social Media professional.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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