What is CashUnite?

CashUnite is an infant online company that brags the ability to connect to every one of your social networks from one site. Although there are many other social media management tools available out there, CashUnite – through their unique, patent-pending Peer-to-Peer Social Revenue Share System – gives users an opportunity the earn an income from their socializing.

What does CashUnite do exactly?

With a slogan like “Get Paid to Connect,” the message is clear: the more connections you make, the more you earn. Your connections (ie friends, followers, etc.) are taken from your Twitter, Facebook, Google and hundreds of other social media accounts. They (your followers) are then offered a chance to get in on the action, signing up via your referral id (you have to have a referral to sign up). The more people that sign up, the more you earn! But that’s not all. In addition to your referrals, you’ll also get paid for your friend’s referrals and their friend’s referrals, up to ten connection levels deep.

What does CashUnite mean for the average Joe?

Well for starters it is an opportunity to earn a little something extra on the side. It also keep you in the loop on hundreds of different fronts. This might not be as imperative to the everyday users, especially for those that stick to just one or two social networks. But for the social media butterfly, CashUnite might be just what they’re looking for: a chance to cash in on their popularity.

What does CashUnite mean for the online marketer?

Convenience. For anyone in online marketing, it’s important to stay connected and an opportunity the manage all of those connections via one site is a much needed relief. An additional revenue stream is always welcome as well, especially when you’re earning from something you’re already doing. The time saving abilities the social media hub CashUnite brags of is a good enough reason to take a look.

CashUnite sounds a little too good to be true…

If it’s any consolation they do charge a membership fee, a rate starting at $9.99 per month. The key is to generating an income though, is to minimize your opportunity cost. You remember opportunity cost from high school or even college economics; that ratio of give to gain basically telling us what common sense has told us all along: your income should be greater than what you spend. If you’re still skeptical though, wait for the reviews to come out after the pre-launch.

Maximizing your CashUnite income

The income you receive from CashUnite depends on your ability to network and generate leads. Still in the pre-launch phase, you can build your network and view your potential earnings. And although CashUnite does not offer compensation just yet (a situation that is soon to change since as company has announced the end of its pre-launch phase), it seems a promising prospective revenue stream: just remember to keep those leads flowing and those networks thriving!