Golden Nuggets

The ability to negotiate is not just a business-based skill. Check out this negotiation training! We negotiate all the time, from deciding where to go out to dinner to structuring a new-hire compensation package. Negotiation power can help you build a better life - being effective in your community, instilling confidence in oneself, increasing others' respect, and accomplishing things in teams without harming relationships or seeming overly aggressive. This negotiation training can help you in all these areas.

What can we do offline that cannot be ignored, can produce dramatic results, is completely duplicatable, simple, and even fun that can bring together old school skill and the power of technology? It's all about High Tech AND High Touch. Remember - as good as you are on the internet - you still need to keep it real. It's still about the people, connecting with and helping people.

Aerobic exercise has the potential to improve your fitness and your ability to concentrate on and perform mental tasks. It also appears that people who exercise regularly will have less age-related mental performance degradation and lose less brain tissue seen on MRI and PET scans.

We know there are substantial physical benefits in regular exercise. That's a given (well it should be!). Harvard drew a connection between exercise and staying fit with cognitive function - the mental activities by which we acquire and process information that becomes knowledge - "mental performance".

Is it prospecting or networking? You be the judge. Here is an email conversation I had with someone I met recently. What do you think: aggressive, selling, she wont return my call, or gentle and natural? Let me know.

The scorpion asked the frog to swim him across the water. The scorpion ultimately stings the frog because it is his nature. What is your nature? Are you naturally optimistic or always trying to see what is wrong? Are you looking for a solution or are you constantly complaining? Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything.

Bruce Springsteen? Nope. Floyd? Nope. Now Phish! Nope. Close but no cigar - my family needed me. No matter what happens, have a great attitude. In life and in business people cancel, get sick, and sometimes they don't show up for appointments. Make the best of it. Have the best attitude in spite of your circumstances.

In fact, your wealth, your success, your happiness, and your business all come down to the 4th question. I have been teaching the 4 questions for several years now. People show up at my trainings and have all 4 questions written out. I have seen people double their income. Miracles happen when you ask - and then answer - these 4 questions. When they were asked of me, my life changed forever.