Do you know someone in Connecticut (or surrounding area) that wants to look and feel younger? Do you know someone that wants to take control of their lives and become financially free? Send them to this post! Or if it’s you, keep reading! Please join us as we introduce Isagenix to Connecticut for our first time ever at our Team Connecticut Launch Party. Feel free to invite someone local (or call me directly for an event near you). We are a Solutions Based Company focusing on the biggest needs of Americans today: -weightloss -energy and performance -youthful aging -and of course, given the economy, wealth creation

There has been a lot of talk lately about the merits of Isagenix vs ViSalus, specifically the Isagenix® IsaLean® Shake vs the ViSalus® Vi-Shape® shake. It's actually tough to compare these two products directly since one is a meal replacement and the other is really a meal supplement. Nonetheless, here's a chart that lets the facts speak for themselves.

Twenty-three years ago our guest blogger was diagnosed with Leukemia. Quite a shock, she attests. The shock was made more so because she had lost a fiance eight years earlier to this disease. It wasn't pretty. In fact, it was so *not* pretty that it directed the way she thought of health and wellness for the rest of her life. She came out of that experience with one crystal clear thought: "I am NOT dying THAT way." Thus began her odyssey to find what alternatives were out there.

What is Syndrome X? A huge part of our country suffers from Syndrome X yet so many people are asking the question, "What is Syndrome X?" What's worse is even more people don't even know enough to ask the question. If you want to be in the know, read on!

Ron Reid, one of the top Isagenix producers, interviewed Dr. Nick Messina, M.D., a member of the Isagenix medical doctor’s panel. Dr. Messina offered very compelling information and strategies on how to market to doctors, approaching medical doctors with your Isagenix business. You can ignore these strategies or you can open your business to to a whole new level - easily!

I walked into my doctor’s office for my physical and he sighed, "you have to lose weight". I was displaying borderline signs of the typical American male with decades behind him – overweight, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and all of the markers of a long, slow decay. His first thoughts were to put me on a collection of pharmaceuticals. To avoid that slow death, I knew I had to do something more than the ineffectual starvation type of diet. This is when I was told about Isagenix. “What is Isagenix?” Those were the first words out of my mouth.