Life Lessons

Throughout the first six weeks of my internship with Drew, I have learned so much about network marketing and how to make money online. One of the most important lessons I learned was that everything I do in my internship can be related to my every day life. I have received valuable information on how to be successful and learned to apply my training to my blogs and other aspects of my life, increasing my quality of life in the process.

Though it's wise to be thankful all year long, it is the time of year when we take some extra time to appreciate all that we have, reflect on how fortunate we are, and enjoy and surround ourselves with friends and family. Please allow me to share some words via video...

Literally. In this case, death. And life. It all seems to blend together doesn't it? Today we celebrate the life of my wife's mother, my mother-in-law, Rita Londoner who passed early this morning. She was born 8-17-1930 and passed 10-19-2011. And what a life she had.

I (Seth) was a slug (basically) who did get out and do some activities that get the heart pumping on occasion, but I realize that I am not the athlete that I see so many others being. I sit at a computer almost all day for every work day, typing away. Not really a workout plan, wouldn’t you agree? Things changed for me. Here's how.

To be successful at anything we must have a really great reason for doing it. To be successful we need vision, passion, motivation, focus and persistence. Without these key elements we will not find success in what we put our minds to, or very limited success at a best. We need to find our "why".