MLM Training

Jeffery Combs, at his "More Heart Than Talent" workshop in Fort Lee, NJ, introduces Drew Berman for some MLM training. Drew walks you through how he was introduced to sales and what he learned as he traveled around the world, working and biking. He continues his story in Part 2 and shares his golden nuggets of network marketing industry experience in his typical high-energy, engaging manner. In Part 3, Drew explains a life-changing question on alignment. He also details 4 questions you can use to easily work through any complaint of challenge in just minutes! Therapy? Fuggettaboutit!

The good news is that calling leads generated though is nothing like calling purchased leads, opportunity leads, biz opp seekers, or cold calling. Remember, when you utilize duplicable systems like and drive traffic to your configurable templates, we focus on positioning YOU as a leader. Our #1 target market is either current network marketers or people actively seeking information on our industry.