Here's another installment from the School of the Millionaire Mindset! You see, we face a number of situations, obstacles, and circumstances in life. It's difficult to say whether one is easier to focus on than another. Certainly, there is more drama focusing on a hardship than a success. At the same time, there is usually a great story behind a challenge and a corresponding triumph. Check out this great video, inspired by a conversation with my father, Gary Berman.

I recently returned from a weekend wealth retreat seminar in Boston called Maximizing Success. It was an amazing event! You all go to events, right? Well, this one was exceptional! Millionaire secrets galore! I have to be honest, I'm starting to seek out millionaire secrets from every corner, conversation, and event. It's a quest unto itself! And, of course, I'll pass everyone on to YOU!

In life, there is a traditional tendency to do what everyone else is doing. There could be an infinite number of reasons for this. Whatever the case, it is common for people to make choices based on what might be perceived by the masses to be appropriate even if it may not necessarily be appropriate for the individual. Heavy? Check out this quick video for some Millionaire Mind clarity.

I found myself in a batting cage recently and it occurred to me the similarity between the sport and MLM business. You see, you absolutely MUST keep your eye on the ball. Of course, this is figurative in MLM business and, well, obvious in a batting cage so let me clarify. But first, check out a short, fun clip of me in a cage!

I pulled this video from the depths of my video library of millionaire secrets. It was from my December vacation to Disney in Florida. One of the places we visited was the animal kingdom and it reminded me of a blog post about animal personalities that we exhibit as humans. Animals or color, it doesn't matter. Read on to find out why they're vitally important nonetheless!

We all know that the best sales folks - the ones that close the deal time and time again - are known for asking questions they already know the answer to. This is one of the pure gold, millionaire secrets to MLM home business; geez, it's gold in any business. If you're not familiar with this concept, you can start familiarizing yourself by watching this video!

I sat with big-league network marketer, Bill Constain for some quick MLM training at a network marketing industry event this weekend. Bill creates an analogy regarding attraction marketing. Do you attract folks to you that you want to do business with, the principle of attraction marketing, or, conversely, do you attract people who either you would rather not do business with, who would not be good in your business, or who is not interested in your business? Watch this video to see if you can relate.

In the spirit of the 2010 Olympics, here is an Olympic-sized MLM Training tip. Check out this video. You might even want to watch this a few times to truly grasp the essence of the message. Think about what you are doing today - right now - to prepare for the future, much like an athlete might prepare for the Olympics.