Cedrick Harris Reviewed and Interviewed

Cedrick HarrisOne of the greatest trainers and mentors in the home-based business industry is a good friend of mine, Drew Berman. A while back he called me all excited and said that he had had a great conversation with one of the internet marketing geniuses, . After a brief discussion as an introduction, Drew called in a few others on our team and then dialed in none other than for him to talk with us directly. It was a high energy call.

One of the first points that Cedrick made was about the energy! He went on to make some other great points about staying focused on the business and putting out the right thoughts to become super successful.

Drew Berman and Cedrick HarrisAfter the call I decided to do a bit of my own discovery on , so I looked him up. I discovered a story that is so similar to mine and so many others that I have talked to. Here he was working hard at a JOB, trading all of his time, and I mean all of it – no . With this in mind, he quit his six-figure a year JOB and started to turn his attention to internet marketing. Using research with DVDs, books, MP3s and other resources, and a great new tool for online marketing, he was able to implement his new lifestyle by becoming the number one recruiter in his business in the internet marketing realm.

is a wonderful example of how to become successful being your own boss in a home-based business. That is how to live the ultimate lifestyle. I had a great chuckle when I looked him up and then found in the result page a picture of him with none other than Drew. Great minds do think alike!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

Thank you Seth! Now I have a special treat for you! Last fall, Louis Di Bianco, from MLMMobster.com and I (Drew Berman) interviewed prior to one of Jeffery Combs’ More Heart Than Talent seminars in New Jersey where we were all speaking together. Cedrick was actually in California at the time of the phone interview. I’ve created a transcription of this interview. This is PURE VALUE, folks. People would pay BIG money to have been part of this and I’m going to give it to you. Simply enter your contact information in the SPECIAL FORM BELOW. If you provide your phone number, either one of my team leaders or I will also reach out to you to see how we can give you more value and see what you need to succeed. Plus, you will get access to even more training from online and offline marketing experts, 6 and 7-figure industry experts. Nothing but value so you can succeed today! I expect you’ll take advantage of this CRAZY offer. Cedrick’s lessons are worth their weight in gold!

One last note, check out the testimonial that Cedrick put together for me at the More Heart Than Talent seminar!

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  • pearlchappell May 10, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    Yes! I put this on my FaceBook because I don't know anyone that can't use some EXCITEMENT and ENTHUSIASM in their lives! Being “busy”, having to chase your tail just to make ends meet is not living….give me LIFE!

  • Al Davis Jr. May 18, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    Cedrick and Drew rock!