Commitment, Motivation, and Customer Loyalty Part 2

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Hey guys! It’s Drew Berman coming back at you with some tips on how to survive in the network marketing universe. For those of you who are new to my blog, let me tell you, yo couldn’t have picked a better time to read up.
It’s that time of year again folks where I rehash some of my greatest advice to network marketers. For newbies and seasoned pros.

Now be on the look out on my blog because over the course of these next few weeks I will be going back through some of my previous advice in my “Part Two” blog posts.

Today’s review is over the ideas of commitment, motivation, and customer loyalty. The last time I wrote up on this subject, I really stressed the idea of a network marketer’s commitment to his or her customers. This is a very vital piece of information, not just in the network marketing world but in all business ventures as well.

If you have ever heard the phrase “The customer is always right”, this is what I mean.

A network marketer must do as much as they can to prove their commitment to their customers. If they do this, the consumer will show them loyalty in return. This then builds an unbreakable bond between the two parties.
As I’ve said before, you do not want the relationship with your customers to be similar to Mr. Krabs and his customers on Spongebob and see them as nothing more than a walking dollar sign. Prove your loyalty and gratefulness and they will in turn show you the same.
What I would like to stress a bit more in Commitment, Motivation, and Customer Loyalty Part 2 is the importance of motivation.
The ideal of motivation can be looked at here in several ways but today I will stick to one: the motivation of the network marketer.
Too often people lose their ways in life and forget the reason why they began doing something that they used to love in the first place. It is the number one reason as to why so many businesses fail and so many people turn into real life Squidwards from Spongebob; they lack the proper motivation they need to move forward happily.
Fixing this type of situation is simple, a person just needs to remember. For example, let’s say you started up a network marketing business because when you were a child you remember when you used to go door to door with your father watching him sell training videos to people in town.
During those sales you used to watch the way people’s faces would light up when they saw your father and you remembered the joy in their voices when he gave away some of his training modules for free so later on in life it inspired you to become a network marketer as well.
Now flash forward a few years: your business is off the ground, it’s doing well, everything is great. However, you are not as bright and cheery as you used to be, you are not as understanding, and the entire business has become toxic and money hungry. Where did things go wrong?
More than likely you have forgotten the very reason you got into the profession in the first place. You have forgotten the foundation you built your dream on. You are no longer motivated.
If a person takes a step back and reminds themselves of where they came from and why they chose the path that they are on, this can be the ultimate motivational ticket to keep their business running smoothly and keep themselves motivated.

Never forget the importance of commitment, motivation, and customer loyalty.

Be Great!

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  • Jonathan Ahn July 18, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Great example of Mr. Krabs and Spongebob. Awesome post Drew, thanks for sharing.