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Craig Duswalt Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp

Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp

We recently posted some blog entries about one of our new best friends, Craig Duswalt. Drew originally met Craig Duswalt at Author 101 in New York City earlier this spring. He returned from the experience with tremendous excitement and energy (Not Drew, you say! 🙂 He was actually more excited than usual!) and we started up a weekly meetup with Craig. All of this was leading up to Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp training that actually starts tomorrow, Sept 21st, in Los Angeles, CA.

Craig Duswalt Partners With …

After a couple of strategy sessions with Craig Duswalt, he decided to give the Isagenix line of superfoods a try and was quite happily surprised to watch 12 pounds melt away in the first couple of weeks. This got Craig all fired up and he decided to join Drew and myself, and a whole crew of others from the NY area, in San Diego this past August for the biggest Isagenix event of the year, Celebration. He joined us at our table for the Founders’ Gala dinner and many of the wonderful sessions throughout the weekend in San Diego. It was the best Celebration event yet in the company’s nine year history, and Craig was swept up, as was I, by the enthusiasm of so many like minded (and great-looking) people.

Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp Returns!

This has all become groundwork for the Bootcamp. Just looking at the lineup of presenters and performers that Craig Duswalt has planned for the five days in LA has already got me super-excited about it all. But the real reason that I am going to this event is that Craig Duswalt is one of the experts in the country in showing you how to rise above the crowd and become a rocktsar in your own industry. He is extremely successful at teaching how to write a book, get it to the top of the list at Amazon and other sites, and then how to promote it using innovative approaches that will help to get you onto the Speaking Circuit or wherever else you plan to take your brand and sell it.
As for myself, that is exactly what I am going for. My own book is well past the halfway point and this is the exact type of training and information that I want to learn to take it to the top, not just the next level, the to the Best Sellers list. True, it requires a good book on a great topic, and I believe that I have all of that. Now, with Craig Duswalt’s guidance, I am very anxious to see where it will be going.
Look for more on this when we return from LA next week. Stay tuned and don’t turn that dial!
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts. Seth Lefferts is an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner. He has spent many years in the corporate environment and has discovered that there is a way out. He is now teaching how to utilize the skillset that it takes to break free and become your own boss, and how to realize your dreams. Learn more at www.DareToDreamNow.Us.

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Finally, if you missed Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Bootcamp this week, never fear and stay tuned since he’ll be having another early next year!