What is your definition of commitment?

Definition of Commitment

Does your definition of commitment correspond to your level of success?

I was talking with a leader in my team last night about a scheduled call we have this evening. We plan to talk with a man who is asking how to make six figures in network marketing. I am excited about the call tonight, but with a different excitement level than I used to have. I used to want to drop everything, salivate, and attack this call like a golden retriever, or better yet like a lab, who is seeing his owner for the first time when coming home from work. But I’ve had hundreds of calls like these over the years and it often turned into more bark than bite, if you know what I mean.
So this morning, this same leader in my team and I were having a chat about today’s blog. And she suggested commitment. Then three things hit me at once – her suggestion about the definition of commitment, my humbling experience at the gym this morning, and tonight’s call.
Here’s what happened; how it all came together…
About a week ago, I noticed that there will be a duathalon (a multi-sport race composed of three “legs” where athletes run, then bike, then run again) here in town in September. I got all excited, posted on Facebook that I was going to do it, told some of my peeps, but didn’t really commit. So today, at the gym, my trainer actually designed an eleven-week training program for me. Wowzas! I have never done this before or been asked to train this hard before. So my definition of commitment in this regard was severely challenged.
1% doubt does not = 100% commitment

Your definition of commitment?

Guess what, folks…same thing with network marketing. Can you make 6 figures in this industry? Absolutely! But what is your definition of commitment? You see, our definition of commitment can change for each and every challenge we face. Can I train for a duathalon? Absolutely! But I have not yet defined my level of commitment. I’m good on a bike, but I’ve never really run before. So maybe when my teammate and I talk with this guy tonight, I will find out his definition of commitment, right up front.
I am no longer in the convincing business! That got me nowhere, fast. I am going to allow this gentleman to convince me, that because his personal definition of commitment is intense, I should take my time, my team’s time (and quite possibly energy and money) to train and develop him into a 6 figure earner.
So what does the duathalon have to do with network marketing? It all comes down to my (and your) personal definition of commitment, given the challenges that we face.
Since I have been in sales for most of my career, it is almost tongue and cheek now to want or to expect 6 figures. But this is a business. It’s a business that can create wealth, can create passive income, and can create 6 figures. Many have accomplished this…and all were truly committed.
So I ask you – what is YOUR definition of commitment? Are you committed to 6 figures a year? 6 figures a month?
If you have the commitment for network markeing, then give me a call, we’ll lay out a plan for you. If not, don’t bother.
That’s kinda what I’m feeling about the duathalon. Once I commit, I’m all in. But quite frankly, I am having my doubts. I feel like a brand new network marketer. Kinda wanting to commit, wanting make to 6 figures, but still not sure if I can do it. Do you have people like that on your team? Now I can relate….
So – what are you committed to? And how can we help?
Best to you!
– Drew

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  • Janet July 8, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    Commitment is HUGE in network industry. Most people just give up the FIRST time they hit a road block. Here it is 4 years later in Isagenix (BTW still in my FIRST AND LAST network marketing company) and my life has changed in so many ways that I would never have guessed – of course ALL FOR THE BEST! Drew THANK YOU for not giving up on me! NYC Healthy Chick aka Janet Cook

  • Dave July 12, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    C’mon, man!  I know the duathlons are tough – I’ve done ’em.  But what is life without a bit of challenge, especially those that you can control (bike fast, run slow, etc).  Show your true colors and tackle that “du” like you do everything else!  Define your commitment to this!  You’ll feel amazing accomplished when you cross that finish line, I promise you!  Best of luck!