Denis Waitley and Turning Passion Into MLM Success

Denis Waitley: Turning Passion Into MLM SuccessAs you can expect from a success coach, when I read about other success-minded individuals, I pay attention. I recently had the opportunity to delve into the works of Denis Waitley and, while he continually kept me wanting more, I appreciated his message. His words of wisdom have been recorded in best-selling books and audio programs, such as The Psychology of Winning, Seeds of Greatness and Empires of the Mind, which have been translated and distributed around the world. The following are points I took away from material Denis Waitley writes that I felt would be valuable in helping you in your journey towards MLM success.

Reiterating that one should chase your passion, not your pension, the legendary Denis Waitley finds happiness in pursuing his passion and helping others do the same. In fact, “if you are not doing what your passion is, you are putting it on layaway,” Waitley says. “One might work at something simply to receive a paycheck, but any free time should be used in pursuit of one’s ultimate goal.” How many of you readers can appreciate this statement? In the network marketing is truly an achievement – an achievement made by only a small percentage of the whole. At the same time, that’s a goal for many. And so they pursue in their free time. Find it within yourself to drive that passion towards MLM success! Never give up. I know this is a passionate topic so please comment below!

Denis Waitley shares other golden nuggets of wisdom and winning insights

Allow positive trigger words and emotion to flow through your mind constantly. Erase negativity and negative phrases like, “Don’t fall.” In time, you will find it easy to spin every negative into the opposite positive outcome. Rather than “Don’t fail,” choose “Win!” Use positive and reinforcing words of Olympic champions as motivation: power, explode, speed, and win. Create positive and reassuring phrases like, “I can do this!” and, “I will succeed!” Condition yourself to respond positively by repeating these phrases often and, specifically, when negative circumstances strike.

As mentioned previously, Waitley suggests that you chase your passion, not your pension. Over the years, Denis Waitley gave at least 500 speeches for which he was never compensated. He recorded and analyzed every one to determine what worked and what didn’t in order to achieve his dream of becoming a writer and public speaker. By chasing passion and over-devlivering with value, compensation is returned in droves.

Study the lives of successful people. Most successful people aren’t considered successful in their early years. Those early years, however, are when the hard work of building a foundation to support that success in later years is done. Understanding how successful people became successful, rather than simply focusing on their success alone, will help you understand the blueprint from which you can freely adapt your own plans for MLM success.

Surround yourself with people who exemplify characteristics that you want to portray. Hang around optimists to become optimistic. Refresh your spirit by socializing with people who don’t just see the glass half full but are willing to share that glass with you. They will likely appreciate the fact that they’ll gain so much more.

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  • sethlefferts February 15, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    What you are saying here is so true. Where my vision is clear and attainable, I can see that many around me are just not getting there because they have not defined their passion, goals and have not mapped out a way to get there. Then, persistence, passion and patience are my three “P's” that will get me there.

  • tedbogan March 18, 2010 at 5:56 pm

    Most people don't have another goal or what they call plan B. They go through life much like a boat without paddles. Just jump in with no direction no passion about what they are doing. Like Seth says the 3 P's persistence, passion & patience must be a part of your daily mindset. You must put together a plan and go after it and once you achieve it repeat.

  • Anonymous June 2, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Thanks Drew… Attitude affects everything! I’ll share this with my twitter list. Have a good one!
    Joe Shaw