Does It Matter?

Money Matters! Money Matters! Money Matters! And one more thing – Money Matters! It matters the most! Who ever told you that money isn’t everything probably didn’t have enough of it. Yea, yea, I know, without health money means nothing! Without health, nothing means nothing! Do you know anyone who wished they had more money so they could at least try a treatment which wasn’t covered by medical insurance? I do everything I can to be the healthiest while making money so having a lot of it doesn’t hurt my health at all. I can share my health tips later but that’s not important right now. Right now we’re talking about the importance of being financially “green”. Another “yea, yea” is love. Yea, yea, money can’t buy love! Guess what? I’m fundamentally the same person broke as I am rich. Same looks, same personality, same everything except that I’m a little bit better looking, a little bit happier and a little bit more of everything with a lot of money! I love to be in love and I love romance! Do you know how much more romantic you can be with a lot of money? Think big. No! That’s too small – think bigger! Think private jets and foreign countries!

The money negatives are all excuses! I know! I used to make them. They are sayings that people come out with so they can feel better about themselves not having a lot of money. Everyone wants it and the bottom line is that everyone needs it! How much depends on how big your dreams are. Small dreams = small money. Big dreams = big money! I’ve always been big dreamer!
So, now that that’s settled, are you in the right industry or position to fulfill your dreams? Think about it like map directions. It’s your money map. You need to know where you are and where you want to go. Then you need to make sure you have the proper vehicles. Do you have the right financial vehicle to get you from where you are to where you want to go? Most importantly, are the maps genuine, do you know how to read the maps and do you know how to operate those vehicles? If you’re not sure, do you have someone who wants to teach you?
I spent a great deal of time in corporate America. Corporate America showed me a map that looked very promising and I met A LOT of people that appeared very willing to help. After many years, about 18 of them, I realized none of it was genuine. The map was flawed and in the shape of a pyramid, the vehicle was just built wrong so the people who appeared willing to help either couldn’t or just weren’t willing. It’s built so that those at the top stay at the top and those below stay below. In fear of being replaced by YOU, those above you hold you back so that YOU can’t replace THEM. They are held back by those above them, and those above them hold them back and etc… etc…. It’s a true pyramid map and every layer above has the ability to terminate anyone from the layer below often in the form of what’s called a layoff, downsizing or a straight out firing!
Then Network Marketing came into my life. It is truly the most beautiful, fair, honest and hard work rewarding pay structure there is. The map is there for anyone to chart their destiny for themselves. If you’re not sure how, someone will help you. The perfect vehicle is there for anyone starting from any financial starting point. If you’re not sure how, someone will help you.
Why? Why is someone always willing to help you? It’s really simple and I’ll put it in terms of me and you. If I help you and you get rich, I get richer! So, who am I helping? Me or You? Does it matter?
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Mike Gruber.

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