Don Failla and the 45 Second Presentation – An MLM Review (Part 1)

Don Failla and the 45 Second Presentation

Don Failla and the 45 Second Presentation

You can build this business fast and furious or slow and painful. It can either be an expensive hobby or a very lucrative business. This MLM review of the 45 Second Presentation shows how to build your MLM business fast! Real fast!

This audio set dispels myths and mis-understandings and will give you clarity into how to take control and Own Your Life. As you read and digest the information, remember, this is not for everybody. This business is not for everybody, and for those that do treat this business seriously, very few are ready for the fast track. Well, sit back. Relax. And get some duct tape. This is about to knock your socks off.

Don Failla, author of the Own Your Life Training CD and the book, The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life, explains and teaches how to build this business fast. That’s where my focus is. Fast and fun baby. Like a Ferrari. Let’s help as many as we can improve their health, their wealth, and their ability and time to have fun. Don Failla and his wife Nancy have been in the Life Training CD, you will seriously increase your business, your team, and your profitability. Don and Nancy Failla used this system on 4 people and now have over 170,000 people in his group. 98% of his whole team came from the original 4. Don teaches the difference between sponsor and teach rather then recruit, recruit, recruit. This is a business of working smart, not hard.

Question: When you sponsor someone new, how long does it take you to train your new person to go out and sponsor the next one. An hour? A day? A week? Or a lot more then that. Don Failla has mastered a system that anyone can duplicate. And how to take a brand new person and teach them how to sponsor new people…in 10 minutes. It’s a simple, 3-step system. OK, I’m hooked. Let’s get to it.

Lesson #1 – Stop motivating your team. Start teaching your team how to self motivate. Ahhh yes, brilliance is in the simplicity.

Don Failla, in this 10 track cd, Own Your Life/Have More Fun, talks about residual income in a way that is deep and profound. Don shows a very simple way to create a residual income of over $10,000 a month by just enrolling 5 and teaching them how to enroll 5 and teaching them how to enroll 5….a simple task vs accumulating $6,000,000 in the bank which would pay the 10 grand a month. Hmmmm – what’s easier (since I’m an easyologist) – learning a 10 minute system or accumulating 6 million?

Duh, no brainer. And – he goes deeper and deeper and talks about my two favorite networking words – retention and duplication. Don is a numbers magician. You gotta know the numbers in this biz. He talks about how just showing a new person how to make an extra $100 a month, is as good as having thousands and thousands of “extra” money in the bank.

So, here is the 45 second presentation. Lend your friend or new prospect The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla. Ask her to read the first 4 napkin presentations in the book. DO NOT tell them to read the book, just the first 4 napkin presentations. The book has been out since 1981 and sold over 4 million books in many languages. Once the new person reads the first 4 napkin presentations, they will know what network marketing is and how it works. This very simple system allows the new person to be up and running quickly. Up and running, and profitable.

Here’s a great analogy. Teach your new people how to drive before showing them the vehicle. Same thing with a car, and with network marketing. Teach ‘em what they have to do to have better health, more money, and more free time by showing them the 45 second presentation. Then…and only then, share with them your company and product. Don Failla has a way with words. The more we get the prospect talking about himself the more interested the prospect will want to join our team. Teach your new people to talk less, this will make them a lot more money.

According to Don, here is the #1 mistake, a waste of time that people do. They go out and “look for” people to sponsor. Once you learn how to do this business right, you will never have to go out looking for people. This system allows people to weed themselves, another aha moment – Don doesn’t talk to anyone or answer any questions until they have read the book. Play hot potato with it. Read it and pass it along.

Mistake #2: telling your new person to go make a list of 100 names. You don’t need 100 names! Using this system, all you need is a short list. If you were to go a chance-of-a-lifetime world-class cruise, who are the 5 people you would want to have enough money and time freedom to go with you. This is your short list. Start with 5, teach them how to find 5, and them to find 5….and the rest will grow exponentially. Just by working 5 to the 5th and then again to the 5th will allow you more people then you will ever need.

To learn more about how to implement some of these principals, come on board our team. We are currently putting together our next batch of 5. If you are ready, to apply the simplest system I have ever seen, then reach out to me directly at 203-244-5405. Me and my team of professionals will help you get from where you are to where you want to go.

Best to you!
– Drew

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