Don Miguel Ruiz: Your Success Coach – Everyone Needs a Guru, Part 3

Don Miguel Ruiz:  Author of The Four Agreements and The Fifth Agreement

Don Miguel Ruiz: Author of The Four Agreements and The Fifth Agreement

Eight or nine years ago now I was given a book to read. It was short and easy, which is always nice, but the message that I took away from this book was the greatest life-changing lessons that I have had from any book before and, almost, since. I say almost because the author of that first book has given me two more wonderful books that have enhanced the lessons and added to my guiding principles in my life. The first book is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. A truly remarkable piece of work. Four seemingly simple agreements to make with yourself. You can read a review about The Four Agreements right here in this blog and begin to see what he is teaching.
Since then, I have had the fortune to discover some of Don Miguel Ruiz’s other books, The Voice of Knowledge and The Fifth Agreement, which was co-written with his son, Don Jose. These two Toltec warriors have a wonderful message to deliver to us and it will serve you throughout your life if you really embrace the teachings.
Most of the success coaches – my gurus – who I have had in my life I have personally known or met at a training event. They give me hugs and hands-on knowledge that I can take with me and incorporate into my life’s pursuit. I have not had the fortune of meeting Don Miguel Ruiz or his son yet. Still, they stand out as two of my most important teachers, because what they have taught me so far has enabled me to stop the voice inside my head, the Voice of Knowledge, that is perpetually trying to take me down and lie to me, and to give me the tools to raise my standard of living, both inwardly and outwardly. Ironically, my son had the wonderful experience of hosting an event with them as the guest speakers. I guess I would have to call that attraction off by one degree. Still, I can feel their energy through him as he tells me about them.
Having decided to build a business in the Network Marketing industry I have been faced with the challenges that we all must face when building a new business, especially one that requires a lot of action on my part to get things going. One of the hardest self-discoveries than any of us has to face is how we take rejection. The Second Agreement simply states “Don’t take things personally.” If there was ever a lesson to apply here, here is an ideal opportunity, and it really works. It works in personal relationships and it works in business. It is a great lesson to take to heart, but you must believe in it for it to really work. As with anything, belief is what makes it real. Hey, that’s true with lies most especially. Think about this, a lie only exists if you believe it, the truth exists whether you believe it or not. This is the essence of the Fifth Agreement and it is the one that will transform you to a new level in your own life.
These two success coaches have become my Life Lesson Gurus and they will always be near and dear to my heart. Look for an article on this subject coming soon to the Internet near you. Until then, you can continue to get tremendous value from the first Guru in Seth’s series – Drew Berman. Enter your contact information in the form below or to the right and, for starters, receive Drew’s latest ebook, Make Your Vision A Reality, with steps you can take to make your dreams come true. Subsequently, Drew will continue to mentor you through the same system he employs to reach the lofty level of MLM success he enjoys!
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From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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