Don Spini Teaches the Psychology of Sales in "Sixty Seconds to Yes" – Part 2

Don Spini Teaches the Psychology of Sales in

Stage 1: Exploration

As a follow-up to the intro post about Don Spini, his book “Sixty Seconds to Yes” and sales influence, we’ll be bringing you a five-part series about the psychology of sales, as taught by Don Spini in his course, “Sixty Seconds to Yes.” Here is Part 1 on the psychology of sales. Stay tuned for more and read on!
In our last segment we met Don Spini, author of “Sixty Seconds to Yes”, presenter and all around expert on the psychology of sales and the process that we all go through when buying something.

An encapsulation of Don Spini’s teachings about the psychology of sales…

Don Spini is a very observant man. The more that I learned from him, the more that I began to understand how right he is. Here is an encapsulation of his teachings. There are three stages to the psychology of sales and the buying process:

  1. Exploration
  2. Validation
  3. Conflict Resolution

In this segment we will cover the first stage.

Stage One in the Psychology of Sales: Exploration

When someone begins the buying process, they make their decision to buy at the very beginning, from the heart, usually while sitting at home. All purchasing is done from a place of need or want. Need is the only true motivator to taking action. Where there is a need, the money will be found to buy whatever it is that satisfies that need. Want is a much more subjective feeling, and does not guarantee a purchase. In fact, you can want something forever and never buy it. However, when you have a need, your next thoughts are where and when you are going to buy it. Not whether you are or are not.
Want: that new 60″ HD 3-D TV for $3000 looks amazing. Boy do I want that!
Need: my only TV just died. What size, model and make should I get and where? What is my price range?
There are three feelings that motivate us to buy something, whether it is a product or a service. These feelings are based on a need for more money, a need for more time, or a need to relieve and avoid pain. Ultimately, when you get to the bottom of it, they are all really a need to avoid pain, because pain can lead to death, and the human being is programmed to avoid that by relieving the circumstance that are causing it. This is when we define it as a NEED. Otherwise, we determine it is a WANT.
This stage of the psychology of sales is called the Exploration and it comes from the heart. It is here where we determine the value of the proposition and our level of interest. Therefore, everyone who attends your event, or sits with you in a one-on-one meeting, has already said ‘Yes’ to themselves. Now they just want to understand if the value outweighs the cost.
Your responsibility in this stage of the psychology of sales is to help them understand the source of their need. It is coming from their subconscious mind, which has the Pain Radar on full at all times. You can only approach this as a friend. At this stage, there is no “I”, “Me”, or anything about YOU. It is all about them and helping them to discover the source of their need. Imagine it as a menu with Money, Time, and Fear of Pain as the choices, and help them to choose one of them. Then dive it to find the source.
You cannot be present at this stage as a sales person. You have no other purpose than to be a good friend and listener to help guide them to the real source of their pain that determines the need. Once you are there, you can raise the hope and interest level by suggesting that there are options through a Statement of Great Importance. “So, if you could find a … you would no longer have … to worry about?” Not, “I may be able to help you.” More like “there are definite options out there for you”.
If you have done your part right, they will ask you what the options are. How can you help? It is your moral obligation at this point to help them to find a solution. It may not be what you are offering, but being the friend that you are, you must help them to see what is out there. This establishes trust. If you launch into your spiel you will kill that trust right then and there. By making the Statement of Great Importance you launch them into the next stage – Validation.
Holy cow! Is this starting to make sense to you? Please comment below! And, yet, there’s so much more! Stay tuned…
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  • Louis Di Bianco July 22, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    You did it again. This is an awesome post that takes us to the heart of the successful sales process. And, it is hooks the reader and keeps her thoroughly involved.

  • NYC Healthy Chick July 27, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    Great reminder to be a GREAT listener so the person can realize their need for the product or services I offer. Thanks Don & Drew for this!
    NYC Healthy Chick