Don Spini Teaches the Psychology of Sales in "Sixty Seconds to Yes" – Part 4

Don Spini Teaches the Psychology of Sales in Sixty Seconds to Yes

Conflict Resolution

As a follow-up to the intro post about Don Spini, his book “Sixty Seconds to Yes” and sales influence, we’ll be bringing you a five-part series about the psychology of sales, as taught by Don Spini in his course, “Sixty Seconds to Yes.” Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 on the psychology of sales. Stay tuned for more and read on!
After studying the psychology of sales by really understanding the process of buying and the stages that the buyer goes through when deciding to commit to a purchase, Don Spini has organized it all into an excellent presentation in his book “60 Seconds to Yes”, and in his one day seminar.
In parts two and three we learned about the Exploration and Validation stages of the buying process. Now we will look at the most critical stage in the psychology of sales – Conflict Resolution.

Stage Three in the Psychology of Sales: Conflict Resolution

The final stage in the psychology of sales – which is really the psychology of buying – is entering into Conflict Resolution. This is when the brain has enough information to satisfy the need to know more and tosses it to the gut for the reality check. This is the Value versus Cost moment. If you say ANYTHING at this point, you will lose the sale. This is something that the person must go through entirely on their own. You cannot join them in their conflict resolution process. You will get in your own way. So, silence is power.
You will know when they are ready for interaction again when the offer up the first objection. There are only four objections:

  • I don’t need it…
  • I can’t afford it…
  • I don’t have time for it…
  • I am afraid of the change it may bring…

Ultimately, the first three are lies. Remember, they said Yes before they even began the whole process. If you receive any objection other than the fear of change, then the interest level has dropped so that the perceived value is lower than the cost.

The Psychology of Sales culminates here

Here is where you need to address the objection while not engaging in the conflict resolution process. This is the true art of sales, if you must think of it in those terms. This is where all of your listening and perception skills must come into play. You have to learn to read your buyer. What is their posture? What are they looking at? What is the tone of their voice? You must realize that anything other than expressing the fear of taking the next step is a lie that they are willing to verbalize because their perception, because of you, is that the cost is greater than the value. It is your fault, so it is your opportunity to help them over the bridge.
There is a technique that can be used quite successfully here which is known by the acronym ARCH. It is time to dive down to find the truth, but not to expose them in a lie. This is the psychology of sales – the psychology behind the buying process – in a nutshell.
And that, my friends, will bring us to our fifth and final installment in the “Don Spini Teaches the Psychology of Sales in ‘Sixty Seconds to Yes'” series! Tune in next time!!!
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