Don Spini Teaches the Psychology of Sales in "Sixty Seconds to Yes" – Part 5

Don Spini Teaches the Psychology of Sales in Sixty Seconds to YesAs a follow-up to the intro post about Don Spini, his book “Sixty Seconds to Yes” and sales influence, we’ve brought you a five-part series about the psychology of sales, as taught by Don Spini in his course, “Sixty Seconds to Yes,” this being the last installment. Here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 on the psychology of sales. Read on!
We have spent our time over the last few sessions discovering the difference between the psychology of sales and the psychology of the buying process. We have learned from the teachings of Don Spini about our role in the Exploration, Validation and Conflict Resolution stages that he describes so well in his book “Sixty Seconds to Yes”.
Yet what is great about Don Spini and his training is that he gives you the tools that you need to develop the skill set required to master these techniques. The name of this sales game is “staying in the game”. That last thing that anyone wants to hear is maybe. This next technique will help you to turn Maybe into Yes, or sometimes No, but only when it is the real answer and not a dodge.

The Psychology of Sales Culminates with the ARCH Technique

A stands for Acknowledge. To understand the psychology of sales is to acknowledge objections as being real, without buying into them and/or strengthening them. You say, “It is so important where we invest our money or time”. “It is vital that we all recognize how big changes can impact our lives”, but not “I totally agree with you”, or “I have been there myself”. These just give credence to their falsehood and strengthen the objection.
R stands for Restate the objection. As you can see in the examples above, it is really part of the statement that you make when they make their objection. It is an acknowledgement and restatement at the same time. “It is so important where we invest our money…”.
C stands for Clarify. Now is your opportunity to expose the truth by asking them to clarify their reasons behind the objection. “So, you have this {pain/need} to {avoid/eliminate}…, but you don’t have the {time/money} to address it. Can you be more clear on that?”. “Can you be more specific about what is stopping you from taking action to eliminate this pain?”
H stands for offering a Hypothetical Solution. “So, if you could get this at ½ price then you would do it right now?”, but made as a statement emphasizing the right now. “So, if you could find one hour a week you would do this right now?”. Then, DO NOT SPEAK! The next person who speaks loses.

The Psychology of Sales sometimes requires moving backwards in order to move forwards…

Each time you go to this point you are giving them a chance to truly identify the source of their cost measurement. If they get aggressive, then they are still in Conflict Resolution and you are pushing them to find the true emotion behind their conflict, but remember not to become a part of it. If they ask more questions, then they have gone back into Validation. Present more facts and benefits.
Once you have reached the fear of the change that might happen, you have identified the true emotion behind the objection. Here is where you can fully appreciate the psychology of sales. Now, they will either choose to go with you on the journey, or they will sincerely say No. This is where you want to be. Nine out of ten people may say Yes at this point. Sales training and expectation management always teaches that closing one or two out of ten people is a good number. Now you can see why. Their expectations are based on the wrong thing.

In the End…

In the course called “Sixty Seconds to Yes” taught by Don Spini in his book, available at Amazon, or from Don himself, you will learn the psychology of sales which, for all practical purposes, is actually the psychology of buying. It is through absolute failure in studying and applying the sales processes that Don Spini found his way to the discovery of the buying process and what it truly means.
We can all read the masters, Napolean Hill, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, and many more, and never achieve anything beyond mediocre. It is our fault in the end, but not the way that we think. We can do everything that they say, step by step, and never achieve success in sales. Why are there so few extremely rich people? Because the sales process does not work! What works for them, and for us if we can develop the skill set – to truly understand and appreciate the psychology of sales – is learning the art of relationship building and then becoming the guide through the buying process. It is time to get out of you own way and to become successful.
In the end, the psychology of sales is all about the buyer. When you become the subject then you have lost the sale. I was once told “people will buy because of you or in spite of you”. By understanding that the sales process is not really about sales influence, but is about guiding the buyer through their own process, you will find that your numbers will go through the roof. Practice makes perfect. And remember, there is great power in silence.
From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts. Seth Lefferts is an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner. He has spent many years in the corporate environment and has discovered that there is a way out. He is now teaching how to utilize the skillset that it takes to break free and become your own boss, and how to realize your dreams. Learn more at www.DareToDreamNow.Us.

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  • Seth Lefferts July 29, 2011 at 7:40 am

    Drew and Dave, thanks for running this series on Don Spini. I was extremely moved by his ideas and teachings, as you can gather from my reaction. I am very fortunate to have this forum to express myself in. Thanks, guys!