How To Earn Money Fast – The Automatic Millionaire

Earn Money Fast

Earn Money Fast

We’ve all heard it before – “Get rich quick!” “Earn money fast!” It’s cliche. Of course, as enticing as those phrases are, coupled with imagery of becoming an automatic millionaire, laying in a hammock amidst palm trees while listening to the soft slap of ocean waves, the promise typically fails to deliver.


Let’s be real. With few exceptions, in order to earn money fast, you need to accept risk. With the potential upside, one must accept the potential downside. Be it in the stock market, the track or casino, or something more criminal, the potential to “make it big” is coupled with and countered by the potential to “lose it all”. (Let’s exclude, for argument’s sake, the use of borrowed assets and the potential to lose more than “it all”; and, for this article, we wont get into criminal “loss” at all.) Suffice it to say, few people are either financially or intellectually qualified or prepared to play the odds necessary to earn money fast and become an automatic millionaire in these earn-money-fast ways. This mentality, however, applied broadly and well beyond the scope of the aforementioned means to get rich quick, is why most money-generating opportunities outside the normal 40 hours-a-day X 5 days-a-week X 50 weeks-a-year X 40 year job are considered schemes or scams.

Instead of “earn money fast,” what if you become that automatic millionaire by getting rich slowly?

You’re thinking, “Wow! I like the notion of getting rich, though I’m not sure about it happening slowly.”
“Tell me more.”

What if you could invest $500 a month for 40 years (a total investment of $240,000) at a market average of 8% compounded annually (financial lingo for adding 8% to whatever you have at the end of the year, every year) and amass over $1.5 million! $1.5 million – is that rich? I’m sure few people would complain. But 40 years? Yeah, that’s slow!

Risk? You bet!

  • What if you can’t come up with $500 a month, every month, for 40 years? Hardship happens.
  • What if something like the 2008/2009 stock market crash occurs just about when you need to access your money and you end up with far less after all that time?
  • What if that $1.5 million really isn’t worth as much as it used to in 40 years.
  • What if all the financial mumbo-jumbo has your head spinning already!

While I wholehearted believe that investments of various sorts are an absolute requirement today – in fact, I consider investments to be the foundation of any financial future – I imagine you’re not that intrigued in “getting rich” this way.

Why not?

  • “I feel like I have no control!”
  • “40 years is an awful long time. I’m not really an automatic millionaire!”
  • “There’s so much I don’t understand – it must be a scam!”
  • “I have nothing to show for it NOW!”

OK, what if I could give you a money-making machine that you can invest in that has the potential to churn out greater and greater sums of money, totally controlled by you?

Voila! YOU are now a money-making machine!

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